Poplin Style Client, Delight: Elegant, Powerful, Fun

I hope your holiday break is going very well. As a personal stylist for women, I have the great pleasure of working with a wide variety of women facing an equally wide array of style related challenges. This series highlights a few of them. Ideally, you’ll identify with some of their struggles and the solutions, too. Enjoy!



Elegant, Powerful, Fun

Visiting Delight’s closet was like going on an adventure at an exclusive new boutique. There were layers and layers of clothing, most of it jammed in and hidden behind other options. I could see why she was overwhelmed. Surprisingly, she never wore 99% of her pieces. With a job in technology, she ended up opting for leggings and a sweaters most days despite having the freedom at work to up her game and still fit in. Our plan was to kick her shopping habit and instead teach her to shop from her own closet and bring new life to treasured pieces with the help of a great tailor.

In her words:

I've always loved clothes, but hated getting dressed--until I met Mellicia.  I decided to hire Mellicia because I was tired of wading through an overstuffed closet full of clothes--many that I never wore--and I didn't want to buy new clothes but instead wear the items that I already owned.  Mellicia helped me refine my style and use that as a guide to determine what to keep.  After cleaning out my closet she helped me breathe new life into dated pieces by bringing her tailor to my home where Mellicia and the tailor used their expertise to update each piece and ensure that it was modern, reflected my style, and fit properly.  As a busy working mom I appreciated that the tailor then came back to my house and had me try each piece to ensure the proper fit.  This was an amazing service and I loved that I could extend the life of clothing I really liked and was shocked by how much better the clothing fit after it was tailored to me.  And did I mention that I didn't buy one new thing as a result of working with Mellicia?  The result is that I feel like I have a brand new wardrobe but didn't spend a dime on new pieces!  Mellicia not only changed my closet, but my life. 

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