Poplin Style Client, Becky: Glammed Up Vintage Casual

As a personal stylist for women, I often hear from folks how much they enjoy seeing photos of real clients and getting a sense of their experience. So, here’s a window into my energizing client, Becky. Over the holidays, I’ll be sharing stories like this one, featuring various clients. I hope you enjoy!

All photos below taken by Amy Paine with hair and makeup by Kat St. John. Indoor photos at the Arctic Club in downtown Seattle including that glorious shot in the Dome Room. (As an aside, that room is a lot of fun for events. I hosted a talent show there once, in fact. Make sure you go. And save time for drinks in the bar downstairs.)



Glammed Up Vintage Casual

Moving from “dressier” cities to Seattle can be tough. Pair that with a job in technology and a busy family life and many women end up tossing on jeans and a, “nice top” each day. Becky struggled to find a way to translate her authentic style to this casual lifestyle and opted to just, well, opt out. Instead, I encouraged her to own what makes her feel most confident then created outfits with dressy and casual options.

In her words:

Mellicia takes time getting to know the real you so that she uncovers your innate style. I was the mom that threw in the towel after moving to Seattle where people seemingly didn't care about fashion. But that just wasn't ME! Mellicia helped give me the confidence I needed to embrace fashion and adapted my style for my very casual work and home life settings. She is direct, efficient and just gets it!

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