Must Haves: My Favorite Long Cardigan

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Rib-knit Cardigan. Available in three colors. H&M. $39.

Rib-knit Cardigan. Available in three colors. H&M. $39.

As a personal stylist and blogger, it's always fun to show off the latest trends and ways to wear new pieces. But EVERYONE asks for basics. After all, they are the core of our collections. A long cardigan is one of these style essentials. 

A long cardigan presents a more relaxed approach than a jacket and is much easier for layering under fitted coats. 

Every once in a while you find a gem. This cardigan is that gem. I've had an incredible Vince cardigan for a couple of years now. I picked it up when I hosted a private client event at the Vince store. It's been going strong ever since. If I'm not wearing a jacket (leather, blazer, vegan leather, etc.) the Vince cardigan has been my go-to. I've been looking for something similar for some time, and this is clearly a knock off of that cardigan. Plus it has pockets (which the Vince cardi does not). Get them before they are gone- 3 colors are available.

Let me know what you think. 

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