Need Some Beautiful & Powerful Signs for the Women's March?

Hello Dear Reader!

I'm looking forward to seeing so many of you at Saturday's Women's March. It sounds like we'll have a large turnout for equality. I'll be in the front of the march in support of the Missing Indigenous People of the Canada and US. Say, "hi" if you see me! 

If, like me, you had every intention of making a super witty and attractive sign but staring at your calendar wonder how that will happen, let me take that off of your list. Our good friends at Dahlia Press (makers of beautiful cards that I happily send to friends and prints that hang on my office wall) have made lots of signs for folks to take for FREE. That's right, friends. Beautiful, powerful FREE signs. 

Just swing by Dahlia in the next couple of days to pick yours up. 

Dahlia Press

2917 Fuhrman Ave. E

Seattle, WA 

Let's hear it for taking action!