Naked Truth Beauty is Finally Available in Seattle!

 Naked Truth Beauty Wednesdays Lip and Cheek Color. Velouria. $37.50

Let us begin with my obsession with Naked Truth Beauty. The founder, Lauren Evashenk, makes luscious makeup for lips, cheeks & eyes that is totally 100% natural. No chemicals. No words you can't pronounce. Only quality ingredients that you feel good about on your body. Plus, they look great! 

In fact, I haven't worn makeup all summer (shhh) except to pop on my Naked Truth Beauty highlighter, eye shadow and color on my lips and cheeks (it's the same product for both). So, it's just Naked Truth plus sunscreen and every once in a while powder with SPF. Then, I'm off. 

I'm such a fan that I've invited the company's founder to come to an exclusive client event to share her product with clients and help them choose the ideal shades. Choosing makeup online can be tricky, for sure. That's why I'm ELATED to share that you can now pick up the brand at Poplin long time favorites, Velouria in Pioneer Square and as of mid September, at Vixen Day Spa and Boutique in Magnolia. That's right, ladies. You can officially pick up my VERY favorite makeup at either the boutique where the Poplin video was filmed or the boutique where the Poplin Microsoft Ad was filmed. In the words of Hannibal Smith.....

Swing by. Check it out. Tell them I sent you for extra love and let me know how it goes. 

P.S. I'm personally obsessed with the color, "Wednesday."