Styling Up Your FREE Geneva Dress from Universal Standard

Let's begin with the reason I'm such an evangelist for Universal Standard . (In case you are wondering, these aren't sponsored posts. Poplin just gets a dress to give away.) I really just love this brand. As you likely know, we're giving away one Geneva dress to a lucky Poplin email list subscriber. You can increase your chances of winning by sharing the giveaway and can have an even greater shot by entering multiple times. So, why are we doing this?

Well, US starts at size 10 and let me tell you, as a personal stylist for women, that space between size 10 and 16 is a tricky area. It's pretty common for our weight to fluctuate (mine certainly does) and when your fluctuation causes you to go from "straight sizes" to plus sizes, that often adds a layer of judgement, defeat and frankly, fewer fashionable choices. I'm not a trainer or a nutritionist, etc. Therefore, my general feeling is you don't need to change your body, you just need to change your clothes. Should you choose to tackle weight loss, you are more likely to succeed when you feel beautiful everyday in  your clothes. Should you choose not to go down that path, you'll still be happier looking beautiful everyday. In short, it's a win win. 

Universal Standard allows women to stick with the same great brand they love even if/when their weight fluctuates past 14. Even better? If your size changes within a year of purchase, you can exchange your piece for your current size. Seriously. Yes, US is everything.

We're looking forward to the brick and mortar store opening in the coming months. At that point, keep your eyes peeled for a Poplin event at the shop. For now, it's all about winning this Geneva dress! So take a look below at my suggestions for styling, just to get you started. Have thoughts, feelings, or questions? Please share! And remember to enter and/or share with a woman in your life who'd love to win!

How to Style the Geneva Dress from Universal Standard


1. For an elevated business casual office & out to drinks. 

 BALFERN LEATHER BIKER JACKET. All Saints. Was: $560 Now: $392.

  Building Block  Bucket in Nude. Need Supply. $485.

 Coclico Joy Bootie. Available in multiple colors. Coclico. $445.

 Grey Fishnet Tights. ASOS. $4.


2. For a more conservative office. 

 Citizen's Mark ZRH Slim Fit Blazer. Citizen's Mark. $450.

 Nine West Florent Asymmetrical Strappy Pump. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $109.

  Elliott Lucca Faro Leather Shoulder Tote. Available in brown, black. Nordstrom Rack. Was: $198. Now: $99.

 akiido Fishnets Stockings 5 Pairs Stylish Black Pantyhose Black Tights. Amazon. Was: $20. Now: $11.

3. For a Saturday in the city.


 Adidas Stan Smith W Boost Copper. Liklihood. Was: $120. Now: $96.

 Pilcro Denim Boyfriend Jacket. Anthropologie. $88.

 Samantha Backpack. Anthropologie. $88.


4. For the, "I'm not sure what the dress code is, where are we going again?" situation. 

 Caslon Drape Front Vest. Nordstrom. $89.

 Bosabo 354 - Natural. re-souL. $188.



5. For your vacation. (Yes! It's that comfortable)

 Misfit Tracker. Misfit. Was: $99. Now: $63.

 Kate Spade newbury lane caning dally. Available in two colors. Kate Spade. Was: $398. Now: $211.

 Vans Checkerboard Pool Slide. Available in two colors. Urban Outfitters. $30.

And there you have it. As always, if you see anything you like on this page, please remember to click through from the post as Poplin may receive a commission on your order. That's how we keep the blog going, my dear. Also, enter to win the Geneva dress and hey, enjoy getting dressed each day.