Poplin at Large: Live Your Values Through Your Work

 Here I am with two members of the Simple Intentions team: Jae and Chelsea. We're at the YouthCare Luncheon!

An unexpected byproduct of this work is discovering a sea of people doing extraordinary things out in the world. Every new client is an opportunity to meet someone who inspires me. It really makes stressful days become so much less stressful. Because of my work as a personal stylist for women, I'm fortunate to connect with all sorts of inspiring people beyond my client base and as often as I can, I like to share about these new relationships with you, Dear Reader.

Some time ago, I introduced you to businesswoman, author, work/life balance expert and force for good, Jae Ellard. If you aren't familiar with her work, now's the time to check out her company, Simple Intentions. Jae teaches work/ life balance to individuals all over the world at corporate trainings for big name clients. She also maintains an ongoing relationship with her students through her blog and social media presence. 

This week, I get to interact with the Simple Intentions Community via my guest blog post about living your values through your work. I'm honored to contribute to this cause and I thought this post might be helpful to you, too. 

So, check it out and here's to living your values everyday and giving yourself some credit for it. That isn't easy, my friend. Good for you. 

Onto the post!