How Do I Wear a Fanny Pack (aka Belt Bag)?

 Dylan Belt Bag. Available in multiple colors. Urban Outfitters. $29

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This whole 80's resurgence can be tough to swallow. If you remember Regan, you also remember fanny packs. And, more importantly, you remember your horrified expression viewing photos of fanny packs out in the world on tourists and the like. Fanny packs became decidedly uncool. 

As your very own personal stylist, I'm here to tell you when times change, when trends emerge and which of those trends YOU can rock with confidence. 

On that note, I'm here to reintroduce you to the fanny pack.


Fanny Packs 101: How and Why You Wear a Fanny Pack, also Known as a Belt Bag.

 Kat Suede Sling Belt Bag. Urban Outfitters. $59.

1. Because there is no feeling like being hands free.

Could we have any more items to carry? I often joke that becoming a parent means we transform into sherpas. If you commute by bus or train, you're carrying things. If you travel from meeting to meeting without heading back to your desk, you are carrying things. If you bike to work, like to travel or wonder how to head to a concert without carrying your handbag, fanny packs might just be your new best friends.

 Furla Belt Bag. Shopbop. Was: $378. Now: $151.

 rag & bone Leather Belt Bag. Nordstrom. $450.

2. Because you know how to do it right.

Okay, so we've established that fanny packs are actually super functional. And, Seattle-ites LOVE functional clothing and accessories. But, how exactly do you wear one without looking beyond your years? 

One word: Cross body.

Think of your fanny pack as a crossbody bag. Wear it across your chest or on your back like a messenger bag. Really, we're observing the evolution of the messenger bag, here. But, we can all pretend that this just happened overnight. 

  Time's Arrow Calfskin Chevron-Detail Belt Bag, Dahlia. Last Call Neiman Marcus. Was: $275. Now: $115 because the Friends and Family event is happening! 40% off for card holders w/ code: FRIEND40 or 30% off  for everyone until March 8th!

3. And you like variety.

Sometimes you like a little variation with your looks. Who doesn't? Try wearing your fanny pack over your shoulder. Think traditional purse. It's a sporty alternative to your handbag and is a kindness to yourself and your chiropractor that will be much appreciated over time.

 Rebecca Minkoff Bandana Stud Belt Bag. Nordstrom. $118.

4. Because you are choosing the RIGHT one.

All fanny packs are not created equal. The same discerning eye you use to select your handbag should be employed when buying a fanny pack. Think about your personal style. Are you sophisticated? Clean lines and leather are right for you. Are you bold? A fun color or print could be your jam. Feeling edgy? Go for a bag with zippers or hardware. The key is to keep this look elevated. Just as athleisure doesn't mean wearing sloppy sweats everyday, fanny packs to not translate into a frumpy, careless approach. You are still cool. Know it. Own it. Now, just be extra cool hands free. 

  Vere Verto  Deco Belt Bag. Need Supply. $340.

5. Because you like the unconventional approach.

If you like things a little weirder, there's a wave of "belt bags" coming through just for you. These are just right for the more adventurous among us. If you can OWN this, it can be fabulous. If you aren't there just yet, enjoy the scenery and start with a more conventional approach and when/if the time is right, amp things up. 

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