Introducing Very Well Designed Gear to Communicate the Resistance.

Local designer Lauren Wallace is a friend, an immensely talented individual and a force for good in this world. With all the upheaval as of late, Lauren decided to channel her art and make things to make the world better. 

If you've been struggling to style up your inner activist, worry no more. From totes to tees and everything in between, Lauren's looks are just for you. 

AND.... 100% of the profits go to organizations that protect the health, safety and security of women, the LGBT community, immigrants and the long term health of our planet. 

Last but not least, if you've been putting off getting your very own services from Poplin, today, January 31st is the last day that 20% of all purchases of Poplin packages will go to pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro-earth organizations. There's no time like the present.