10 New Places to Find Inclusive Sizing (10 and up)

 Geneva Dress. Available in multiple colors. Universal Standard. $120.

Let me begin by saying, I know what you are thinking: size TEN and up?! Seriously?

Indeed. Inclusive sizing is a new trend and I must say, I'm a fan. Rather than hitting the tipping point at size 14 and labeling anything beyond that, "plus size," brands are starting at lower sizes and going well beyond the size 18 or 20 of years past. As a personal stylist, I often find my clients struggling when they go from a size 14 to a size 16. Why? Because the brands they love aren't transitioning with them. Suddenly, a woman is not only coping with changes in her body, she's also dealing with changes in her shopping habits and perhaps her personal style. 

If you follow Poplin on Instagram, you've likely seen posts about brands we love with inclusive sizing. There's much more available everyday. For now, here are some resources if you are looking for hip pieces in size ten and beyond. Prefer a more personal approach? Just reach out! I'm here to help. 

10 Resources for Ladies Rocking a

Size 10 and Beyond

 Kanda Puffer. Universal Standard. $230.

1. Universal Standard.

Everyday elevated essentials for sizes 10-28. 

 Madison Dress. Of Mercer. $175.

2. Of Mercer.

 Stylish workwear up to size 20. 

 Oversized solid tee. Jibri. $85.

3. Jibri.

Sizes 10-28 designed by Jasmine Elder and aimed at the fashion-conscious crowd. With few African American voices in fashion, this is especially exciting. Extra love to former Poplin contributor Jordan Richardson for introducing me to the brand in early 2015.

 Controversy Dress. Beth Ditto. $345.

4. Beth Ditto.

Oh my goodness! Frontwoman for Olympia's own, "The Gossip," has a clothing line and the pieces are made in the USA. 

 Changes Reversible Vest. Harlow. Was: $249. Now: $124.

5. Harlow

Welcome to Harlow, a land where size 10-12 is XS. This premium Australian line offers sizes 12-26. 

 Kat Leggings. Courtney Noelle. $150.

6. Courtney Noelle.

Known for #DeathToTheMumu she offers sizes 2-28. 

 Drape Maxi Skirt. Yona New York. $129.

7. Yona New York.

Sophisticated and unique pieces in sizes 14-24. 

 Mix and match swimwear. Phylyda.

8. Phylyda.

Gorgeous swimwear separates and beachwear up to size 18.

 Gabi Fresh. Swimsuits for All.

9. Gabi Fresh's Collection for Swimsuits for All.

You might remember Gabi Fresh from a previous post about stylish online retailers. 

10. The 12ish Style.

This isn't a retailer, but instead a blog written by a woman who is a size "12ish." She talks about clothing in that range from straight size and plus size retailers. You can also hear an interview with her on the Style Scout. 

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