Getting Organized in Style for the New Year.

 Lined Notebook by Simple Intentions & Bamboo Tile by Simple Intentions. Notebook: $8. Bamboo: $14.

I'm a freak for office supplies and as it turns out, I'm not alone. Beyond the graphic prints and sleek design, I look for tools that will actually help make my life easier. This time of year I get especially excited about all the opportunities for a fresh start. Here are a few of my favorite products to get you there. Have some of your own? Please share!


Organizing the Stylish Woman's Life for 2017


1. Neu Year Calendar.

 Neu Year Wall Calendar. Available in paper or dry erase. Neu Year. $28.

I've been an evangelist for this line of calendars for years now. I order a wall calendar every year. It organizes the week by workweek then weekend (like real life) and has no gaps in between months, efficiently using valuable real estate. I adore the minimalist design and there's actually enough room to write all pertinent info down. I've also become a big fan of the Week Dominator for capturing ideas, developing goals and organizing my life. It has no dates which is ideal for those of us who might fall off the organizing wagon here and there. 

2. Bullet Journal.

A friend and client introduced me to the Bullet Journal. The tagline is the analog system for a digital age. As a business owner, I'm accountable to myself and my clients. As a result, creating goals for the year and breaking them down is essential. There's a short video on the Bullet Journal site that gives you an overview of how to rock this system without buying a thing. It may be a little intense, but it's a solid structure that may be just right for you.

3. Operation Clear Out Your In Box.

I spend a great deal of time in the car between clients, events and visiting retailers in the area. Lucky for me, I'm an avid podcast listener. My favorite business podcaster is Amy Porterfield and this episode focusing on getting your email to Inbox Zero is not to be missed. If you are drowning in emails and just want to give up on it all, an hour with this episode could be just what you need.

4. Office Supplies that Represent Your Personal Style

 Vanilla Bean Stapler. Paper Source. $14.95.

Of course, nothing makes an office a home as much as office supplies that communicate your personal style. The obvious first stop is Paper Source with a location in U Village and one at the top of the hill in Queen Anne. Paper Hammer in Belltown is glorious as is  Paper Delights in Wallingford. If you love a particular designer, it's possible that he/she also offers office supplies. Check out the site and peruse the options. Sometimes a notebook can fill the void of a pricey sweater by the same crew.

5. An Inspirational Notebook.

 Lined Notebooks by Simple Intentions. $8 each.

This year I stocked up on notebooks by a friend of mine, Jae Ellard, owner of Simple Intentions. She's a corporate trainer who teaches work life balance to employees around the world. As part of her powerful work, she created notebooks with inspirational sayings on the cover as well as a few additional sayings throughout to galvanize the reader. One of my favorites is, "get your hustle on." She also generously donated quite a few so that we can share them with homeless youth at the YouthCare Styling Sessions. You can see the notebooks and other products from the Kirkland-based company on the Simple Intentions Etsy site.

And now, back to planning for world domination in 2017. Who's with me? 

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