The Stylish Star Wars Fan.

 Tatooine Desert. We Love Fine. $25.

I'm not sure about you, Dear Reader, but our world is totally consumed with Star Wars. After all, I have a son. In fact, we threw him a Padawan Park Crawl Birthday Party last fall. (It's like a pub crawl but with parks.) I think you get the idea.

With that in mind, it seems only right that I share with you some of my favorite Star Wars swag for the fan who wants to show support while maintaining her style. As a personal stylist, this conundrum comes up a lot. And, hey, if you run into this same prediciment around supporting your favorite sports team, you might find the blog post on that topic helpful. 

Back to the the Force.....


Star Wars Gear for the Stylish Fan


1. Feeling subtle?

If you want something for everyday wear that shows off your true allegiance, this vegan leather jacket is just the ticket. Moto inspired, the discrete logo on the back says it all. It's available in straight and plus sizes which also makes me happy. 

As a society we seem to be obsessed with socks right now. And Stance are the best. You can find them locally at re-souL in Ballard or pick up a pair of Star Wars themed Stance socks online. 

 Darth Vader Faux Leather Jacket. Hot Topic. Was: $89 Now: $62. Available in straight and plus sizes.

 Stance Socks. Available in multiple designs for adults and kids. Stance. $16-20.

2. New school.

If you've had about enough of Luke and Leia, this hip muscle tee lets you highlight your support for the new movie. It will mean more to the kids, so there's that.

 Hey Droid Raglan Tee. Think Geek. $24.

3. In your comfort zone.

If your kids REALLY want you to rock something Star Wars related, but maybe you aren't so enthusiastic, this might be the route for you. The Darth Vader scarf is an unexpected way to get your gear on while staying warm. And, it's the same price as a tee. 

 Luke, I am Your Mother Scarf. Think Geek. $24.

4. Going Old School. 

If you, like me, want to reference Episodes IV-VI with a hip tee, these are a great start. I never thought I'd be in Hot Topic but I must say, they have my favorite Star Wars tees for young and old. 

 Star Wars Character Girls Stencil Top. Hot Topic. $24. Additional 30% off.

 Star Wars Her Universe New Hope Muscle Shirt. Hot Topic. $24-28. Additional 30% off now.

 Star Wars (Junior size) Character Checkerboard. Fifth Sun. $22.

5. Feeling bold

These are for the fan who is willing to take it to another level. If you this is you, you'll swoon over these pieces. If that emotion doesn't hit you immediately, please don't force yourself into this galaxy. 

 Star Wars Tatooine Dress. Think Geek. $39.

 Star Wars Fighter Scene Skirt. Think Geek. $39.

 Trooper Dress. We Love Fine. $40.

Have a great time at the movie and let me know what you wear!


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