Lace It Up

 CURVE 70's Lace Front Tunic Top. ASOS. $50.16.

Editor's note: Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. 


Hello Dear Reader,

Lately I have noticed a certain uptick in the amount of robin hood style English lacing. You know what I mean, that back and forth lacing on the wide neck shirts that men and women wore ala Kevin Costner Robin Hood. Well it is back big time on the heels of the 70's trend and can be seen on clothing, shoes and even bags. Recently I was asked by a co-worker how in the world to incorporate this 90's and 70's style throwback into a day to day routine.


One step at a time... one of the easiest ways and timeless feeling chic ways to incorporate lacing is to do it in your shoes. These lovely wide fit lace up heels can be transitioned to colder weather with tights but also would be a powerful standby in your spring and summer wardrobe as well. Coming in both black and cobalt, to me cobalt is the blue for all ages, powerful, striking and fairly timeless. Like a red statement shoe this cobalt could be worn with everything. Might I recommend one of falls favorite colors: khaki green; perhaps in a slim chino style pant that would beautifully play up the color of these shoes. Plus the suede texture is so on point for this season, two trends in one!

 Pacific Wide Fit Lace Up Heels. ASOS. $62.70.

Find something that goes with the quintessential Donna Karen body suit that goes with all trousers and skirts, you can implement the same practical wardrobe staple with this trend. This soft jersey body suit can be paired with that new suede skirt for the season, the beautiful midi skirt you have been rocking or just thrown on with your favorite work trouser for an instantly put together look. That V neck a little too low for work? Throw on a lace chemise, or bra with built in front lace panel to add an extra hit of texture; or just lace it up tighter!

 Alice & You Eyelet Lace Up Long Sleeve Body. ASOS. $32.35.

Make it easy...pieces that are easy to throw on and easy to layer for transitional seasons is one that can help ensure the longevity of a trendy piece for a while longer. This simple but fun denim dress has a great flattering shape. A good length, and honestly once the lacing trend falls by the wayside, take out the strings and put in some beading or take an old broken costume necklace and thread it through for a bit of drama. Don't feel that pieces have to be stagnant. Get a tailor to bring the sleeves in, or cut them off. Make pieces work for you as long as possible if you truly like the main proponents of the piece. I personally had a skirt that eventually no longer fit so I took it apart and made a tote bag out of it because I loved the fabric so much.

 Laced Denim Dress. Eloquii. $89.90.

  Poplin Contributor and guru on plus size fashion, Jordan Richardson. Photo by Emily Dymond Photography.

Some trends can be a bit harder to make work appropriate than others. Hopefully this gave a little insight in to how you can easily integrate any trend into your wardrobe should it tickle your fancy. First find small ways to bring it in, shoes, accessories etc. Then look to pieces that have a practical function in your day to day wardrobe. Lastly find pieces that are easy to wear and have the potential to be re-worked for seasons to come.

Happy Shopping