How DO I Choose a Sunscreen?

The weather is crazy. Is it sunny? Is it rainy? Who knows?

What I do know, is that it is vital to protect your skin from sun damage. As a personal stylist, I spend my time making sure you know how to look and feel like your authentic self. A delightful byproduct of this work is the opportunity to mix and mingle with other experts focused on skincare and lashes in addition to boutique owners and the like. This culminates into lots of useful information for Poplin clients and for you, Dear Reader. So, as we head into a sunnier time, I asked some of my favorite people from Cake Skincare to share tips on choosing the best sun protection for your body. After all, there's more to you than your pretty face.

How Do I Choose the Ideal Sunscreen for my Body?

Kelly and Amber weigh in:

 Coola SPF 30 Cucumnber Classic Face Sunscreen. Cake Skincare. $32.

Body sunscreen is an absolute must with the summer months and sunshine fast approaching but it is an often overlooked part of the routine or an afterthought while hurriedly running through the drug store trying to decipher between 100 different product choices.  As with products for the face, the longest lasting and immediately available forms of protection are physical protectants - zinc and titanium dioxide - these tend to be more water resistant and slightly longer wearing.  We love the Coola sunscreen line - they make a Sport SPF 35 body sunscreen and a Cake-client fan favorite the Citrus Mimosa or Pina Colada Body Spray SPF 30.  The sprays are definitely convenient but need to be reapplied directly after swimming or any kind of strenuous, physical activity when extra perspiration can happen.  Always choose an SPF that is 30 or higher and remember to reapply every couple of hours.

 Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30 Loose Mineral Powder Protection Sunscreen Brush. Cake Skincare. $57.

I'll add a little something here, as well. Cake Skincare owner Katrina Rising gave me a tip last year about protecting your hands from the sun's rays while you drive. I must admit, I'd never thought about it. She suggested dusting on a powder with SPF if you are driving a realize that the sun is beating down on your (SPF Free hands). The woman is a genius. 

I have found the tips from the Cake team so helpful that I've asked for more! So, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming details on post workout body care, body lotions, peels and more in coming blog post. And, of course, tips and tricks are also included in the Poplin newsletter

Now, off to enjoy the sunshine!