Seattle Sunday: Because of Chantelle Riley, my Hair Will NEVER be the Same.

 Chantelle Riley.  Stylus Seattle . 2321 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. 206.789.5871.

Okay, okay. Seattle Sunday on a Tuesday? Well, this was a jam packed weekend volunteering with the F-Factor Fashion and Fitness workshop for foster girls at Ryther Child Center on Saturday. Then, one of my lovely clients co-hosted a Clothing Swap to benefit Youthcare on Sunday. Needless to say, Seattle Sunday was put on hold.

However, if I could shout Chantelle Riley's name from the rooftop every morning, I would. So, I couldn't bear to wait another week to tell you all about Chantelle and my hair. 

From Brittle to Beautiful:

Chantelle Changed my World (via my hair)

If I haven't told you before, Dear Reader, my hair has spanned the rainbow over the years. From black to blue to blonde and everything in between, I've always recognized the significance of your hair on your entire look. For the past decade or so, I've been devoted to red. Here's the thing about red hair- people remember it. I'm easily identifiable in a crowd. It works for me.

That being said, it also takes a fair amount of maintenance. Because it fades over time, that means more coloring, which also means more damage to my hair. Add in the aging process and suddenly I found myself battling split ends and brittle hair on a regular basis. 

Supremely frustrated, I visited salon after salon with the same goal: please help me grow out my hair. After all, damaged hair must be cut. Despite my vision of me with longer hair, I woke up one morning and discovered that nothing had changed in over two years. Enter Chantelle.

Upon the recommendation of Cake Skincare owner Katrina Rising, I went to see Chantelle at Stylus in Belltown. Because, why not? And, really, if Chantelle knows have as much about hair as Katrina does about skin, I would surely be on the road to hair success. And, let me tell you, she does!

Chantelle's Recommendations for me

1. Embrace what you love.

"What's your favorite thing about your hair?" she asked me. Seriously. No one has ever asked me that before. I must say that it immediately struck me how similar her approach to hair is to my approach to clothes and Katrina's approach to skin. The trifecta! Armed with this knowledge (my answer was the color, by the way) she set out to ensure we kept the aspects I love while correcting the aspects I certainly do not.

 My stash of dreams. Might I say that nothing compares to the Kevin Murphy Young Again? Nothing.

2. Invest in the right products for you.

If you read Chantelle's recommendations for Winterizing your hair, some of these products will be familiar to you. Sojourn moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, Sojourn Texture Spray, Kevin Murphy Young Again, Thermal Protection Straightener. It seemed like overkill to me. And who has that kind of time to layer product after product? But, in the same way I ask clients to trust me, I trusted her and bought them all. Worried that I might forget the daily rituals, she followed up with an email to help me keep them straight. I don't mind saying that I referred back to the email each morning and evening for a few days.

3. Give your hair a little extra love.

Upon seeing the state of my hair, Chantelle suggested I try a cellophane treatment. I opted for one with a red tint to reinforce my color without the harsh chemicals. As it turns out, these are widely available and are similar to a facial for your hair. You give your skin extra love (and your clothes). Why not do the same for your hair?

 Consultation, protein treatment, cut and style. Here's the final product at the END of the night after a party and several hours of socializing.

4. The right cut.

Yes! She cut my hair, but she didn't cut a significant amount. Why? Because she wanted me to start using the products first, then we could move full force. After all, my goal was to grow out my hair. 

The effect has been shocking. Truly shocking. My hair has never felt better. The ends feel the same as the roots. Who knew that was even possible? And, I've perfected the routine so that it takes about 4 minutes at each end of the day. It's been about 5 weeks since our initial visit and I'll be back for more. 


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