Strategies for Success on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Beyond

Happy Black Friday!

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, most people have one thing on the brain: shopping. So, without delay, please enjoy a few quick strategies for you, Dear Reader, from your very own personal stylist. 

Strategic Shopping Right Now


1. Check out your favorite retailers online and in store. 

You'll find that some retailers offer better deals online versus in store. Do your research before you buy.


2. Focus your online efforts on out-of-town retailers.

Just because you can't go to a store in person, doesn't mean there aren't any deals to be had. Remember some of your favorites that are only available via the inter web.


3. Go off the beaten path.

If you are planning to shop at major retailers, think about all the locations of the retailer within a reasonable distance. Now, consider who else is shopping at each location. If folks with your taste will be at the same location, you'll be fighting for limited stock of the same item. In contrast, if you visit a location of the same retailer with shoppers with slightly different tastes, you are more likely to hit the gold mine. And you may experience lower prices, too. After all, if no one buys items, they continue to get marked down. My personal favorite Nordstrom Rack, for instance, is in Auburn Supermall. Shhh.


4. Think outside the box.

Every retailer has a strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Your style goes beyond your clothing. Think about furniture, cosmetics, anything that you've been considering purchasing. Now's a good time to check out the deals.


5. Shop Small.

Remember that shopping is not limited to larger retailers. Think of your favorite neighborhoods and consider spending at least part of the day shopping, eating and supporting your local small businesses. Plus, they're great places to purchase gift cards. A gift card from a local boutique or your local personal stylist is personal and communicates your shop local values. 

Off you go!