Seattle Sunday Comes Early: The Triangle of Light & Other Essentials from a Trish McEvoy Expert

Your weekend starts now. 

You know how much I love Bluemercury and last week I was lucky enough to get my fix. The U-Village store frequently hosts makeup events.

Translation: Experts from specific makeup or skincare lines visit for a few days to give private appointments and help you learn directly from the gurus. The best part, if you buy at least three items from the store (that includes your skincare products, post shaving gel for the fella in your life or anything else) your session is FREE. Yeah, that's real.

So, back to your weekend...

This weekend is the Trish McEvoy event and I wanted to give you a heads up so you can set your appointments. I sat down with Regional Artist Jason McCarty last week and he shared a seemingly endless stream of tips and tricks directly from "Trish", as the team affectionately refers to McEvoy.

As your very own personal stylist, I HAD to share. Here we go!


5 Things I Learned from Trish McEvoy Artist, Jason McCarty


 The man's a genius. Here we are in some very good lighting at the Bluemercury store in U Village.

1. How to do eyeliner right. 

How many times have you seen eyeliner done wrong? Sure, the smoky eye is all over magazines, but often when you try to create a dramatic eye, you often end up looking older and like you are trying maybe a bit too hard. Jason explained a key principle for the ideal eye-eyeliner: both color and placement are key.

First, the color. According to Jason, every client in his Rolodex has Trish's eyeliner in Arabian Nights. The shade of blue makes the whites of the eyes stand out. Instantaneously, your eyes are brighter. And it comes with a tool to smudge and sharpener.

Now to the application. Jason showed me how to do this myself at home!  Open your eyes and look down. Place a dot of color between each lash. How? Make contact, then wiggle. Lift the liner and repeat, placing the color between each lash. "Think of your eyes like a picture. you want to put a border, not a frame." I was astonished at how my lashes suddenly looked fuller and we hadn't even applied mascara yet. Woah, nelly. 

2. The triangle of light. For real!

 The Triangle of LIght will change everything about how you apply makeup! Learn from the pros at Bluemercury.

This is incredible. Trish McEvoy coined this phrase. Simply place your pointer finger on one end of your eyebrow and your middle finger on the other. You'll see that you have formed a triangle out of your hand that shows off the area below your eyes. Brightening this area brings lightness to your face. How do you do this? Well, a member of her team can certainly bring this to life during your session. But the most important part is to brighten the area and avoid undoing your hard work with foundation. Foundation goes AROUND the triangle, not over it. 

The "after" photo with Jason. See Poplin on Instagram for photos as things happen.

3. Yes, I REALLY need a brush to apply my foundation.

"I can do your face with my fingers versus my brush and you'd see a difference. I love our triple goat hair brush because you're able to get into the crevices, around the lip, the t-zone. To apply your foundation, think of the back of your hand as a palette and work from there. Never put dots of foundation all over your face. Start at the temple, round motion above the brow and then in. We just spent a lot of time doing the under eye, so avoid the triangle so it stays light and bright."

4. Every product should be doing something for me.

"Everything has a purpose and everything is made with thought. It all makes sense." Whether it is the treatment foundation or sunlip bronzer, everything is multifunctional and should be doing something for your skin."  Trish is great about that. Before seeing Jason, I thought that there were some products that simply existed to make you look more beautiful in the moment (i.e. makeup). But, now I know, if it isn't doing something additional for you (conditioning, sun protection, etc.) it's not the right product.

 Trish McEvoy Dual Sunlit Bronzer. Bluemercury. $38.

5. Yes, I really need bronzer.

"Bronzer just makes you feel good. It's comfort. Cocoa Chanel created the first bronzer and sunless tanner. She redefined tan as a sign of health and a sign of wealth." Looking for tips on how to apply your bronzer? Jason and the Bluemercury team are all over this one. 

As with every trip to Bluemercury, I left with heaps on information. But don't worry, Dear Reader — I remembered to ask the very most important question of all: What's the one product that you can't leave home without?

Jason says: Beauty Booster Syrum.

So there you have it. There's still plenty of time in the day to set yourself up for success with a trip to Bluemercury and a makeover. Can't make it this weekend? Jason is going to be at Bluemercury on Tuesdays. Huzzah! So, grab a facial from LeAnne (I love her) and some Trish McEvoy love from Jason and feel even more beautiful right now. Let me leave you with some final words from Jason:

"That's my job to inspired and make you feel confident. Unfortunately, I can't come home with you." 


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