If you are uncomfortable, you aren't fashionable

 TopShop Check Print Longline Duster Coat. TopShop. $160.

It's true.  I do spend a good amount of time trying to motivate my fellow Seattle-ites to up their games. I also have this conversation with myself on those especially wet Winter mornings. But, let's be clear, EVERY stylish person has two elements: a smile and a look that say's, "I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing." 

Missing a coat when it is freezing outside? Not fashionable. Wearing crazy high heels when you need to walk across the city? Not attractive. You get the idea. The struggle is that when we try to find that happy medium, we often discover that crazy comfortable clothes are, well, crazy comfortable. And, it's hard to break free. 

Might I suggest a few key directives before you get dressed:

 One of my VERY favorite things right now. These waterproof Converse are available for men, women AND kids. The colors are glorious and did I mention that they are waterproof?   Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof Rubber Rain Sneaker. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $64.95.

1. Check the weather.

Use your phone, your partner or your window to confirm what is actually going to work today.

 KUT from the Kloth Veronica Faux Leather Vest. Nordstrom. $88.

2. Comfort and confidence, not laziness and despair.

Perhaps you are seeing hip sneakers and dresses for the office (yes!) or cozy infinity scarves with a structured coat (yes!). I'm a fan of layering a leather vest over a basic outfit to elevate things. For example, instead of yoga pants to run your child to school or to grab a cup of coffee in the early morning, try this: Your jersey maxi dress from summer with a long sleeved tee over top, a leather vest, moto inspired ankle boots and a print infinity scarf. Get the idea?

If you have a tight fitting or structured top, be sure you've balanced it out with heels you can walk in. Just keep things balanced. If you have a relaxed portion of your outfit, balance it out with something more tailored.

 Printed Leather Pointy Ballet Flat. Zara. $79.90.

3. Your clothes should enable your life, not inhibit it.

Layer, mix and match, whatever works. Ideally, you'll be able to seize opportunities thanks to your ensemble, not miss out to run home and change.

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