Feeling Overwhelmed? Life Just Got a Little Easier

 Small shiny croc clutch. Whistles. $65.

I've said it before, we all have a little Seasonal Affective Disorder in us. If for no other reason, but because our calendars are on hyper drive this time of year. Every day has a zillion commitments and even though the days are technically longer, we still can't do it all. So, if this time of year has brought you a feeling of overwhelm, you are not alone. I thought you might enjoy some streamlining from your very own personal stylist.

Here we go!

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Style

1. Less is More.

 I Can't Wear the New Crop Tops, or Can I? Blog post.

 Skunkfunk CW169 100% sustainable wallet. Available in blue pervenche, dark turquoise, dull green. Skunkfunk. Was: $49 Now: $39.

Whether it's the number of items in your closet or in your handbag, pairing things down will make choosing that much easier. We give kids two choices, both of which work for us. Then, we offer ourselves 14 choices and wonder why we are so overwhelmed. Sure, we're more developed. But we aren't THAT much more developed. This time of year I especially appreciate a clutch rather than a giant handbag. Even better, a small bag that only accommodates your phone, keys and lipstick. Need to stay hydrated? Okay, a slightly larger bag will do. 

As for your closet, remember, you should ONLY be looking at things that fit and make you feel spectacular. Your happy pieces should only be associating with other items that make you look and feel great. Of course, that advice goes for you, too.

2. Jump on One Trend that You've Already Worn.

 Fashion & Function: Spring Outerwear Post.

 Big Star Heather denim overalls. Available in regular and petite. Nordstrom. Was: $118 Now: $44.97.

Yes, I know, we should never wear the same trend twice. Well, if I was going to stick to that rule I would have been running around naked for the last several years. There's not much you can do. Trends come, they go and they come back again. Sure, they are styled differently, but they REALLY are the same Guess overalls you wore in 5th grade. So, if you are secretly coveting joggers, sneakers, Birkenstocks, overalls, a vest, leather pants and the like, stop torturing yourself and waiting for approval from friends or your partner. Just get it. Now, make sure you update how you style them and be cognizant of your personal style and body type. But, most importantly, enjoy it. Yes, you can.

3. Create Outfits.

Dear Reader, if you've been reading this blog with any regularity, you are aware that I can come over to your house and create outfits from your new and existing pieces. You probably also realize that I LOVE doing it. I've heard this called the, "secret sauce" of the business. But, if you have the time, you can also create your own outfits ahead of time. Investing the few hours to create several new outfits or investing a few minutes to develop outfits for your upcoming week can save you endless heartache and frustration. If you are a parent, the greatest gift you can give to yourself is that of a 5 minute outfit that makes you look and feel spectacular. 

4. Find Poplin Blog Posts Easily.

Just in case even the IDEA of putting together outfits ahead of time seems overwhelming, I thought I'd include something you can do right now that's practically effortless. You can read blog posts. Even better, you can find them easily. Thanks to the hard work of summer intern, Ellie, all the Poplin Style Direction blog posts are now categorized. That means you can easily see all the posts about menswear, women's fashion, pick me ups, style tips and so much more. Just click on the category link on the right side bar of this (and every) post. Enjoy!


And there you have it. A few simple steps can make life more manageable and give you more time for that glass of wine or to enjoy the sunset. Let me know how it goes!


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