Seattle Sunday: Mother's Day Hiatus

Well, hello, Dear Reader.

After all this time, you've seen my underbelly, my weakness, my soft spot: Mother's Day. I did it. I took the day off. On the down side, there's no Seattle Sunday post for Sunday. On the up side, I had a really great conversation with Jordan about buying plus size clothes at straight size retailers. So, I'm posting her suggestions on that topic on Monday. 

That's exciting.

 With the husband @ the Marimekko Outlet in Helsinki, Finland. Pure bliss.

You may have noticed a bit of a social media slow down over the last couple of weeks. We've been in Finland and Oslo and I have much to report. Keep your eyes peeled for profiles of a couple of locally owned boutiques from the trip, the Marimekko Outlet in Helsinki and of course we still have updates from the Holt & Lulu drawing winner, Saturday's Clothing Swap to benefit YouthCare and the full interview from Marla Malcolm Beck at Bluemercury( that's in the upcoming e-newsletter). Holy  Cow! I'm especially excited about the upcoming Seattle Sunday posts, too.

Really, there's just a whole lot of good content coming your way.

So, in the spirit of Mother's Day, I hope you took the time to enjoy the sunshine (whether you are not a mom) and that you'll grant me a little flexibility. Breaks are good for us all.