Photography: Amy Catherine Paine
Hair and Makeup: Kat St. John


Tailored, Bohemian, Distinctive

Tarah is the genesis of “Tailored Bohemian” for me. As one of my very early clients, she described herself as preferring all-black, fitted items and was looking for items to make her look her best after having her second child. Some batik curtains on her wall suggested she might actually go for a combination of tailored and boho, and when I brought it up she said, “Yes! What’s that?” to which I responded, "I don’t know. Let me figure it out." We figured it out, and nearly four years later, it is very clear what that means and that Tarah embraces that style everyday.

In her words:

I have been working with Mellicia for over 4 years now and have gladly referred her to many friends and colleagues. Since then, I've considered myself to be in "maintenance mode"— as she sends me a wishlist of 12-15 items about 4 times per year, and yes, I continue to get the excited flutteries in my stomach every time I receive a new wishlist from her! At this point, I simply consider Mellicia a staple in my life because you know what? She just makes me feel good!

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