Photography: Amy Catherine Paine
Hair and Makeup: Kat St. John


Aggressively Whimsical, Fun, Sophisticated

When I met Mandy, she was a big fan of another client’s style. “I want that,” she declared. But together, we discovered that she has her own style that is fearless, fun and polished. As a technology executive her position includes corporate travel to Europe plus work at the local office. Her style strategy is all about finding pieces that express who she is in any environment and understanding how to tweak her look to suit the occasion without sacrificing her sense of self.

From the client:

My life is now divided into "Before Mellicia" and "After Mellicia." In the Before Mellicia times, I'd spent eons idling in front of my closet, surveying the wasteland of anything that could be construed as an outfit. Sure I had clothes, but nothing that resembled style. After Mellicia, going into my closet is a much more "hell yeah!" kind of experience….Besides being a delightful person to work with, Mellicia provided tactical, actionable advice that I could take away and dress myself like a pro on my own.

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