Photography: Amy Catherine Paine
Hair and Makeup: Kat St. John


Stylish, Current, Intelligent

Lusha loves fashion. When we met, she had already accumulated an array of current pieces with all sorts of bold choices. Her closet was fun. She had been experimenting for years, but struggled to bring everything together into different looks. So, she often found herself repeating outfits as she wasn’t sure of other ways to use each piece. I recommended a small list of items to move her forward and focused extra time on outfit creation giving her lots of looks for each piece. 

From the client:

Mellicia took my daily styling to a new level! Within just two hours, she transformed my closet with my existing clothes with new styling photos that I can't stop browsing and refer to every day when I dress for work or fun. The most important thing I gained from working with her is, no matter what body shape you are in, love yourself and be confident in your look, because everyone can look amazing when the styling is right. 

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