Photography: Amy Catherine Paine
Hair and Makeup: Kat St. John


Americana, Feminine, Relaxed Simplicity

Lauren had mastered the jeans and t-shirt look and she had an innate sense of what worked for her. What she lacked was the confidence to go for it. With a job in technology, we wanted to be sure she could opt for more casual looks when appropriate and then amp things up for going out. My goal was to push her to embrace her curvy figure and her authentic style that could be both comfortable and sexy.

In her words:

I decided to look for a personal stylist after quickly gaining weight due to a new medication. The department store I usually shop at offers personal stylists without a fee but I was really looking for someone who could come into my home, see the way I live, see what I already own and work with me to formulate a plan based on all that info. I'm so happy I found Mellicia as she does all this and more! She made me feel instantly comfortable and picked up on my insecurities and areas of concern right away. I wanted someone to push me out of my rut of jeans and sweatshirts and she delivered ten-fold on our shopping day. 

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