Photography: Amy Catherine Paine
Hair and Makeup: Kat St. John


Fearless, Costume-y, Steampunk

Lauren expresses herself through her clothing. She prefers pieces that feel like artwork. Over the years, she struggled to find ways to put all of those interesting pieces together into cohesive outfits. She balances running an international organization, frequently interacting with CEOs and heads of state with motherhood, working from home and presenting to large audiences. We developed a strategy to stay true to her style while simplifying her routine and introducing key pieces to bring it all together. 

From the client:

Let me save you some time: just pick up the phone now, call Mellicia, and make an appointment. You will never look back…No more digging through things that don't work for me -- my closet is a dream these days -- and mornings are fun again… Best of all, Mellicia is totally honest while respecting what her clients want. She helped me narrow down what I really like and am most comfortable in, then helped me tailor choices that were appropriate to the situation.

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