Photography: Amy Catherine Paine
Hair and Makeup: Kat St. John


Bold, Fun, Tailored

Jeannie lives life to the fullest. Every minute of the day is filled with ways to learn, grow, enjoy others and improve the world. It’s extraordinary. So, her wardrobe needed to communicate her self confidence and drive while also working for her very busy life as a professional, a mom and wife as well as her new past time, grad school. We committed to elevating her wardrobe to the high standards she achieves everyday without taking away her sense of fun and whimsy.

In her words:

Working with Mellicia was fantastic!  I hate to shop, I didn't know what my personal style was, and my wardrobe was uninspired.  Mellicia helped me see what clothes work best for my body.  We shopped together and I got a whole new wardrobe (in 3 hours!).  I felt like a new person after working with Mellicia!

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