Photography by Justin Marx


Classic, Boho, Stylish

Chieni was ready for a full on transformation. When we met, she told me that she hadn’t invested in new pieces that she loved, “since I had the girls.” Her oldest is nine. She struggled with what to choose, why to choose it and how it could work for her lifestyle. Chieni works with children and frequently sees her clothes damaged and destroyed. So, opting to invest in new items seemed impractical, and yet she was dissatisfied with her overall look. Plus she loved boho pieces but found herself at a loss with how to wear them.

Approach: Help Chieni fall in love with the feeling of looking great and use this to motivate her to add that little extra something everyday. Teach her how to shop for her body and integrate boho pieces into her daily look while still being true to her classic aesthetic. Embrace high/low shopping to ensure that she has pieces she can be proud of to wear on an evening out, traveling the world or on the floor with kids.

From the client: 

Boy, has my life changed after working with Mellicia! After many years of the frumpy mom look, it was really time for a change! And I feel like the change represents so much more. I've found the real me again! This was definitely worth the investment.

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