Photography by Selena Kearney


Bold, Refined, Distinctive

Another client referred Brooke when her life course was shifting. After a successful career in public service, Brooke's primary focus had moved away from the office but her wardrobe had not. She was struggling to find clothes that were functional for her new life and still expressed her love of all things bold and interesting. Instead of the dedicated staffer in the shadows confined to a conservative wardrobe, she was now a philanthropist with the opportunity to wear whatever she chose. But, she was having a hard time choosing. 

Approach: Ensuring that her carefully curated pieces had the opportunity to shine, we embraced her love of Kate Spade, Marimekko and the like while investing in high quality workhorse items that complemented her triangle shaped frame. Shopping local we also stayed true to her love of boutiques. Most importantly, we rid her of pieces that made her feel dowdy despite seeming practical. This way, every item in her closet made her look like the woman she had become and still worked well whether she was at a board meeting, a charity event with her husband or hanging out with her son.

From the client: 

It's been said by many others, but it bears repeating: Mellicia Marx changes lives.

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