Why Lashes are a WIN + Announcing our Winner: FREE Lash Extensions from the Lash Factory


Earlier this week, I was in a women in leadership session listening to an incredible executive coach talk about the word, "busy." I think about this a lot, because as a personal stylist who is on the interweb, lots of people can see what I'm up to. So, when we run into one another, I often here, "how's it going? It looks like you are super busy." 

I take this as a compliment as they generally mean, it looks like your business is successful and you have a lot of interesting things going on. 

But, in the workplace, as in life, "busy" isn't always good thing. Think about the term, "busy work." Doing busy work is not the kind of thing that makes you feel successful, or gets you noticed or helps you feel a sense of pride at the end of the day. And being busy for the sake of being busy, generally sounds like we've got things going on, we're probably frantic and just racing from one thing to another. I don't know about you, but that's not how I'd like to be perceived, nor is it how I like to live. 

I prefer to be intentional, take calculated risks. If they don't work out, fine. If they do, that's much better. But either way, the effort is worth my time. Whether it's with work, family or volunteering, I want to feel like I made good choices with the time I had. 

So, back to busy. I also notice that women often answer, "how's it going?" in the office with, "good. I'm busy." The genius (and very stylish) executive coach took my dislike of the term to a new level. She pointed out that if you are always, "busy", people may not think of you for additional work or responsibility. After all, they may assume you don't have capacity for it or you aren't capable of taking on more. 

My goal, then, is to only use the term busy when I mean busy. As in, "argh. I'm doing busy work and it's killing my soul." That kind of thing.

Now, to lashes.

In real life, we are both using our time productively (this includes self care and relaxation because those are productive, My Dear) and sadly, some of it is just plain old busy. Sometimes, it feels like the day has gone by and we wonder why we rolled out of bed in the first place. THIS is why I think having a handle of your style routine is so important. If you can get out the door in the time allotted and look in the mirror at the restroom four hours later and like what you see, that's a major win. 

This can happen by knowing what looks good on you and makes you feel like your authentic self. This can also happen by being strategic about the things that make you feel great about your hair and makeup. Therefore, I'm a huge fan of lash extensions. When your lashes are long and lush, you feel great without makeup on. Add some lipstick and perhaps concealer, and now you feel amazing. 

Because of my love for lashes, we opted to give a free set of lash extensions away. Yup. A whole set. That means that the lucky winner, named below, will head over to the Lash Factory in Issaquah to spend a relaxing hour or two as someone meticulously places false lashes just where they need to go. She'll leave feeling better in every way. And then, if she chooses to stick with this new lifestyle, she'll head back every few weeks for a touch up. In the morning, she'll do.... nothing.... when it comes to her lashes, and perhaps even her eye makeup overall. 

She'll be less pressed for time. She'll certainly be less busy. And now, she'll be able to take on the world. 

If you are on the Poplin email list, you were entered into this drawing. If you entered the this drawing by clicking on the giveaway link, you increased your chances significantly. If you are interested in winning something glorious, make sure to participate. The next giveaway is for a pair of shoes from the re-souL spring collection. Designed in Seattle and made in Italy, they'll fill your heart with joy.

And now, the winner of a set of faux mink lashes from the Lash Factory is....

Michelle Loprieno

Congrats to Michelle. And, have a great weekend. Be sure to skip the busy parts;)