The Best Places to Find Modern and Affordable Suits for Men and Boys

Suit Vest. Available in three colors. H&M. $29.

Suit Vest. Available in three colors. H&M. $29.

Welcome to the holiday season. It’s a time for love, gifting and of course, dressing up, whether one wants to or not. As a personal stylist, I get asked for all sorts of advice. Recently, there’s been a major uptick in questions about dressing the fellas in our lives. While Poplin doesn’t currently provide personal styling for men or kids, I do spend a whole lot of time doing both in my own life. Answering a real client question:

What are the Best Places to Find Modern and Affordable Suits for Men and Boys?

  1. H&M

    For men: Affordable, slim fitting, current suits are really where the magic happens at H&M.

    For boys: Not all H&M locations have clothing for kids. Locally, head to Alderwood or Southcenter if you want to run over and pick something up. Otherwise, I highly recommend shopping online for more colors, sizes and accessories.

  2. J.Crew + Crewcuts

    For men: Higher quality than the fast fashion brands, J.Crew suits will last longer. You’ll also find nicer fabrics and a nice slim fit. Shop more sizes (like longer lengths and slim fits online.)

    For boys: If you want to go for a high quality suit that’s also super hip, Crewcuts will please. Options are more classic/ preppie .

  3. Zara*

    For Men: There’s an asterisk here because while Zara does carry suits for men, they tend to be a little more European inspired. Specifically, you’ll see more shiny fabrics or unexpected details. I don’t see the average Seattle-ite loving these, but it’s worth a look if all other options on this list fail.

    For boys: Zara is REALLY listed here because the suits for boys are awesome. We got our son a pair of plaid pants a navy knit blazer there years ago and wore them both until they were too small. It’s my favorite formal outfit for him EVER. And now, there’s a Zara at Alderwood Mall. In fact, if you head over there, you’ll find Zara and H&M across from one another with sections for kids in each.

Just for Men

  1. Suitsupply

    If your fella needs a great suit, THIS is where you take him. Here’s my post from the grand opening in 2014 for more. Currently, there is no Suitsupply in Seattle. BUT there is a location in Bellevue Square. Fun Fact: Tim Gunn buys all his suits there. So, there’s that.

  2. Bonobos

    If you haven’t taken a fella to Bonobos, you are really missing out. It’s the ideal system for men. There’s a sample of each item in the store. He tries it on, then can order whatever colors he likes and have items shipped directly to him. Then, ordering more is effortless. Hot tip- If you fill up your cart and don’t order, you’ll receive multiple emails eventually offering you a discount on your purchase. Of course, this only works if you have time to spare and are willing to risk the item running out. There’s a location at U Village for in person shopping.

  3. Indochino

    Custom-made suits and shirts await you at Indochino. The options are affordable and modern. And of course, there are accessories, too. There’s a location right downtown so you can check it out.

  4. Banana Republic

    I’m loving the suits in the window at Banana, right now. As always, keep your eyes peeled for the frequent 40% sales there.