Where Can I Find a Hip Raincoat?

What are we on now- day 3 of stormy weather? I really have no concept of time. But, I can tell you that as a personal stylist for women, every weather event is an opportunity to think about what to wear and how to offer tips to my clients and you, Dear Reader. So, naturally, this insanity has brought me to a solid, comprehensive coats on raincoats. 

Before we begin, let me say that when you are wearing something incredible that makes you look and feel good, we want to avoid tossing your North Face jacket over top simply because, "it's comfortable and keeps me dry." That is true. But does it communicate your personal style? Is it at the level that you are or the level that you are headed to? Does it say, "director" or "leader" or whatever you want the world to see? I'd argue that it doesn't. So, when perusing these guys, keep your personal style in mind as not every jacket is right for every woman AND not every jacket is right for everyday. This list is predominantly cool kid coats that work well with casual ensembles. I'll call out the choices for dressier options. Good? Okay, let's go!

10 Raincoats When You Want to Look Cool and Stay Dry

1. Stutterheim. 

Oh my goodness! We discovered this brand when traveling in Scandinavia a number of years ago. It's everything. Incredibly durable and available in a zillion classy colors, you can also order a cozy liner for especially cold weather. Big bonus- The company offers free shipping and returns. The FRÖSÖN is a wonderful option for dressier looks. 

 Stutterheim MOSEBACKE. Stutterheim. Available in a zillion colors. $295. (Rubberized cotton.)

 Stutterheim OLNBY BLACK liner. Stutterheim. $215. Can be zipped in to the Frösön parka, and works fine with the  Mosebacke ,  Mariefred  and  Solna  raincoats.

 Stutterheim FRÖSÖN. Stutterheim. $795. (Waterproof & windproof bonded cotton.)

2. Helly Hansen.

Now, I'm not suggesting that any coat you pick up at Helly Hansen is going to be super hip- but there are certainly some gems in there. This waterproof parka with faux fur trim works in the rain and in our now more frequent snow. 

 Helly Hansen Hilton Waterproof Parka with Faux Fur Trim. Available in two colors. Nordstrom. $320.

3. Rains.

I wore one of these yesterday for those of you who saw me. (If not, you can always check out the "what I'm wearing now" section of the website to catch any conversations I've had with folks about my outfits.) This lightweight shell has a nice streamlined design and great attention to detail. It won't keep you warm, so you'll need to layer, but it looks great and will keep you dry. Rather than order these online, try them at local boutiques including Poplin favorite Hammer + Awl for the mens' version and Standard Goods for a selection for men and women. 

 RAINS LONG JACKET. Standard Goods. $125.

4. Freeman

If you've been with Poplin since the beginning, thank you. And, you'll likely recognize Freeman because it was the venue for the Poplin first anniversary party. Friends Scott & Brittany Freeman were discouraged with the raincoat options out there, so Brittany designed one and Freeman was born. Shop Freeman raincoats for men and woman and some incredible menswear and accessories in this beautifully curated shop in Capitol Hill. The Lady Freeman, as it is affectionately called, is made in designed and made in Seattle. The outer fabric is a custom, Japanese-made two-ply, waterproof breathable nylon and inside you'll find a contrast woven liner. 

 Freeman LADY FREEMAN. Available in multiple colors and made in the USA. Freeman. $325.

5. Moncler

This designer water resistant rain jacket is appealing if you are looking for a designer option. The shape is especially flattering if you have a rectangle shaped figure as the peplum creates more curves at your hips. 

 Moncler Lotus Water Resistant Peplum Raincoat. Available in navy, sand. Nordstrom. $950.

6. Kate Spade.

If you are looking to make a statement and are comfortable with a water resistant option, this is a great start. 

 Kate Spade New York Rain Printed Dot Jacket. Zappos. $298.

7. London Fog. 

There's a wide array of classic raincoats from London Fog. Most have removable hoods, this one also has removable epilets, which is great if you have broader shoulders and would like to streamline your look. Again, many of these are only water resistant, so read the fine print. But, they are certainly affordable, polished, classic and great for layering. 

 SHAWNA DOUBLE-BREASTED TRENCH COAT WITH REMOVABLE HOOD. Available in multiple colors. London Fog. $99.

8. Maje.

If you want a designer jacket that actually keeps you toasty, this is a strong contender. I think it looks better with the snaps unbuttoned and the drawstring pulled in a bit, but hey, try it and see what you think. There's a removable faux shearling lining, too!

 Maje Faux Shearling Lined Long Raincoat. Nordstrom. $760.

9. Ilse Jacobsen.

In case you missed it, I posted all about Ilse's gloriousness last week. 

 Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk Hooded Raincoat. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $179.

10. Trina Turk

When you are rocking a powerful, feminine look this is a solid choice to seal the deal. Weather "tough" aka super water resistant but not waterproof, this modern take on a classic works well with navy or black (ideal for the navy revolution happening now) and still shows your shape while keeping you dry. 

When all else fails, be sure to carry an umbrella in your bag or the car. I often wear soft fabric coats and carry and umbrella unless it's really pouring out there. Just be sure to have an umbrella that keeps you dry and is consistent with your personal style. Enjoy!

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