Guest Post: 5 Warm Weather Essentials for Teens from The Official US Lifestyle

 Graduated Spike Necklace. Express. $29.90 Buy One Get One 50% off.

Editor's note: I can't tell you how long I've been looking forward to this post. 

We're very fortunate to have a collection of really remarkable nephews and nieces. (Well, technically there's just one nephew; but he's pretty incredible.) I digress. There's a long list of reasons why we adore them all and of course, each one brings different interests to the table.

Our niece, Isabel, lives in Chicago and one of her many interests is fashion. She has a real gift for it. I've known her since she was three and she was already way ahead of the game at that point. As a personal stylist, when I learned that Isabel and two friends, Ava & Sisley, started a fashion blog, The Official US Lifestyle, I was all over it. 

Lucky for me, the team accepted my invitation to do a guest post for Poplin. The girls (who are between 12 and 13) have created a jam-packed list of warm weather essentials for teens and tweens. If there's a young lady in your household, please feel free to share their wisdom. Alternatively, you can simply show off how hip you are by purchasing one of the items as a gift. Because, let's face it: you are that cool.

Spring is just starting to roll in, at least here in Chicago. We have gathered a list of our top five essentials for the rapidly arriving season, and have written about how to use them. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

 Kate Spade Cedar Street Magnolia. Available in multiple colors. Kate Spade. $198.

 Fashionistas Sisley & Isabel. Ava is not pictured, but equally spectacular.

1. Cedar Street Magnolia Kate Spade Cross Body 

This purse is perfect for spring! It comes in five colors and can be either dressed up or down. I have one just like it and have found three different ways to wear it. Sometimes I keep it as a cross body, especially when I'm going somewhere I could easily lose it, or when I'm going shopping and need my hands free. Other times I double the strap around and under the flap that keeps the purse shut to create a handbag. For fancier events I like to coil the strap and tuck it inside the bag for a clutch. Although there is not a ton of space in this purse, it has just enough room for your phone, a lipgloss, and a small wallet, like this one.


 Stainiac. The Balm. $17.

2. The Balm Cosmetics Stainiac

Why use two products when one will do the job just as well? This two-in-one lip and cheek stain offers a sheer, natural, glowing look with one swipe. Because it uses a water-based gel formula that doesn't dry immediately, you won't be left with the streaky look of application from when the product sets on your lips too quickly. It comes in three colors, and although it looks dark in the bottle, you will be left with a sheer, tinted glow.

 Volcom Zzzip It Denim Jacket with Removable Sleeves. Nordstrom. Currently unavailable.

3. 'Zzzip It' Denim Jacket with Removable Sleeves

This light wash denim jacket comes in both Juniors' and Women's' sizes, and can be very laid back, although when worn with a spike necklace — or, if you're daring, some leather paneled pants — can be edgy. It is a traditional button down, but has long sleeves that can be zipped off to create a vest, making this a very versatile piece that easily transforms from day to night. Sadly, it just went out of stock. However, we've opted to showcase it anyway, to give you ideas as you shop. 

 An Eccentric Caravan Rollerball Perfume. Anthropologie. $16.

 An Eccentric's Caravan Eau De Parfum. Anthropologie. $55.

4. An Eccentric's Caravan Rollerball Perfume

Found at Anthropologie, this perfume comes in three scents: Santorini, Tulum, and Zanzibar. Santorini has a flirty, floral scent with earthy undertones, and Tulum is slightly more musky and thick with herbal undertones. Zanzibar is by far my favorite, with a more masculine edge and fuller undertones with a couple floral notes. The bottle itself is gorgeous, the glass on each is tinted a different color, but the caps are wood. It applies smoothly and is an oil, so it diffuses into your skin and doesn't feel wet at all. Remember, in order to get the most out of your perfumes, apply them on the insides of your wrists, the inside of your elbows, behind your ears, and behind your knees (and instead of rubbing your wrists together, pat them gently to make sure you don't have to reapply during the day!). These scents also come in 3.4 oz containers if you really fall in love! (On a totally separate side note, I’ve also been loving the Royal Apothic Lip Tinties from Anthro, they are so potent, but come in perfect-for-spring light colors!)


 Beaux Kimono Water Lilly. Show Me Your Mumu. $146.

5. Beaux Beaux Kimono ~ Water Lily 

Kimonos are in! No, not those kimonos. These are long, floral, very loose cardigan/poncho type things that often have fringe on the bottoms. They come in an incredibly wide array of patterns- to suit all sorts of tastes. I recently discovered this new shop, Show Me Your Mumu, which basically specializes in super boho, flowy clothes. Of course they carry kimonos! I found this really cute one with water lilies on it and it isn't totally over the top. They also come in a wide array of prices, from hundreds of dollars down to something you might find at Target. This one is in the middle, and, if it isn't your cup of tea, don't give up! Like I said, there are so many to choose from. They look great over solid colored rompers and some leather sandals. Don't forget to accessorize with layered bracelets, rings, and anklets!


Additional Quick Picks 


  • I love all of the jewelry at Madewell, but the Repeater Ring and Tendril Stacking Rings are both really cute (and on sale!) and are perfect for spring, as they are very light and dainty. 

  • Currently loving The Island Falls Flower Crown from Urban Outfitters, just because it is effortless — simply green with scattered white flowers. I've been making my own flower crowns recently; they're fun to make yourself because you can customize it however you want. I even put a butterfly on one! Check out my blog here, and look forward to a DIY Flower Crown tutorial coming soon! 

  • Don't have that radiating summer glow yet? Don't fret your freckle! Highlighter is here to save the day! My April Birchbox just arrived, and in it came Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter, a highlighter with a little bit of bronze and a lot of sparkle. Just use the nail polish-like applicator to glide the mixture over your cheekbones and up to your temples, but keep in mind, a little goes a long way. The full size is only $12.75, a big difference from most other products lying around at your nearest Sephora. 

  • I recently bought the Woven A Line Dress from Target and fell in love. It comes in four patterns, a blue one, a pink one, a purple one, and solid black. I bought the blue and want to go back and get the rest! It has a little lace detailing a little more than halfway down the dress, and, it’s only $22.99!

  • These Square Tortoiseshell Sunglasses from The Loft are... awesome! I have a roundish-squarish face shape, and these frame my face perfectly. All of my friends have tried them on at some point (even my mom), and I have to say, they did not look bad on anyone. They are very fun and youthful, but the tortoiseshell brings an edge of sophistication to these universally flattering frames.

Love to see more from these stylish Up and Comers? Check out their blog at In the words of Isabel, Sisley and Ava, "Simplify your life. Become a lifestylist."