Summertime Solutions

 Shirt dress. Jibri. $140.00

Three things: 1. Below you'll find another blog post from Poplin contributor and plus size fashion guru, Jordan Richardson. Like what you read? Jordan's research on Sizeism was recently featured in an article in the Everett Herald? Check it out!  3. She wrote this prior to this beautiful weather. Love her and you will, too.

Hello my dear readers,

As spring settles into full swing with its hectic weather patterns, I cannot help but cherish and look forward to those sunnier warmer days ahead. Though with the sun and heat comes a potential deluge of new styling challenges that can be difficult to traverse. A lot of us are uncomfortable with certain areas of our bodies, and with the warmer months approaching that usually means less layers and clothes, which can at times be uncomfortable. I am hoping to offer some solutions on minimizing the areas you're not as hot on, and maximizing the ones you adore, while remaining comfortably cool in these months to come.

To start I have a little story for you. It was an epiphany I had about two years ago as I sweated in a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt and capris in the Hawaiian sun. That A: It was no fun to be that overheated, and B: That I didn't want to feel like this anymore. So I had a magical epiphany that I had arms and legs like most people, and that they worked and were strong and carried things and me to great places and that even though they may be bigger they were not bad and not shameful. This does not mean I gave up being a  self conscious about certain parts of my body, but it gave me the agency to not worry so much about what I or anyone else thought about these parts. And when I would feel nervous I would just think of how great the sun on my skin was, or how nice the sea breeze felt, or how I was not at all overheated. Feeling comfortable with our own skin is a long process and thankfully with a little styling assistance we can expedite our comfort levels! So without further ado...

 Navy Overlay Dress. Elvi Fashion UK. $59.91

Minimizing: Breasts

When you want the girls to stay at bay I would pull something that draws attention elsewhere but still flatters all around. This beautifully light weight dress has a fun overlay that manages to draw attention to the waist and legs! Try for pieces that have a wide not to low scoop and good structure in the internal bodice, as well as wider straps to accommodate powerful bras.

Maximizing: Cleavage

When the ladies come to play, or this is just a feature you love to play up, the gorgeous spring shirt dress at the top of the page allows you as much modesty as you desire, while still being ultra flattering all around, espsically with the waist cinching belt. Shy towards lovely V neck and whimsically draped pieces that will draw attention to your lovely assets.


 Skinny Bermuda dark Rinse Shorts. Torrid. $44.50

Minimizing: Thighs

These great and affordable shorts are long enough to cover and protect legs during the summer, and the dark rinse helps the eye visually minimize and create a sleeker silhouette. Take it a next step further and pair with a fun colored/printed flowy top to pull the eye upwards, and bring the focus to your face!

Maximizing: Legs

So a quick tip for ladies with larger thighs! If you would like to wear a skirt, without little shorts underneath to prevent chub rub, try an anti-chaffing cream! Like Monistat Anti-Chaffing Gel, Body Glide or even Bandelettes! Looks for fun and flirty flippy skater skirts and perhaps a fun printed short in a shorter inseam to bring the attention southward.

 Calca Dress. Carmakoma.$209.00

Minimizing: Arms

Yes, this dress has black. But once you slip into this lovely floaty fabric the color will no longer matter, and for those of us who love monochrome all year long, this is utter perfection. The drape the this dress will ensure a breezy comfortableness, while the not too tight sleeves skim lovingly over your arms minimizing them with the color blocking and fit.

Maximizing: Arms

Find a style of top that works well for you, showing off the best angles of your shoulders and arms. For some it can be as simple as a racer back tank to show off the shoulder blades, or a halter top that bares a bit more but can create an ultra flattering line depending upon the neckline style of the top.


 Vince Camuto High Low Hem Blouse. Nordstrom. $89.00

Minimizing: Backside

Look for pieces that skim and bring attention elsewhere. A really good fit in pants, shorts, skirts and dresses are especially essential with the rear because it that can ensure that things are not pulling or gaping oddly. Bring the attention else where by utilizing dynamic pieces like this swing top that skim playfully.

Maximizing: Backside

 Grab those lovely linen pencil skirts and rock those at hip tops to bring attention to the back. Need some smoothing, look for some lightweight shape-wear that will let your body breathe!


I know this was a lot but the basics are to distract the eye by bringing attention to the areas you like and away from those you are wanting to minimize. You can do the distracting by putting color, pattern and points of interest where you want the attention, and subtle, neutral, darker tones and more skimming shapes to the areas that you want to distract from.

Hopefully this has been of some help, and will inspire a new look into your spring and summer wardrobes.

Happy Shopping