Fashion & Function: Essentials for the New Parent.

 ASOS Maternity Exclusive Parka with Detachable Fur Collar. ASOS. $142.82.

Our son recently turned four and I'm continuously amazed at the evolution of maternity clothes over the last five years. Lucky for me, I have the opportunity to work with pregnant women and women who've recently gone back to work. 

Both of those life stages can be especially challenging for a number of reasons. But, clothes, should not be one of them. So, I thought you (or someone you know), Dear Reader, might enjoy hearing about some new developments for new parents. FYI- That means moms AND dads. 


Essentials for the New Parent

 MamaCoat Maternity Coat. Japanese Weekend. $288.

1. A functional and flattering coat for her.

One of the great joys of pregnancy is showing off your baby bump. Although, in order to do that, you are always struggling with fit. If it fits now, it won't in 2 months, so should I just buy the larger size and not look good until then? 

Nope. When it comes to rainwear, opt for the Mama Coat. It has a removable panel, great for the ever changing body during pregnancy and after the birth. It's ideal for carrying your baby in a front pack. You can still put on and take off your coat without worrying that you'll wake the baby. And after these phases are complete, just remove the panel and wear it again. Genius. 

2. A functional and flattering coat for either parent or caregiver. 

 Hatch Things Cold Snap. Hatch Things. $99.

One of the major frustrations of parenthood is that lack of attention given to fathers. We once bought a swing by a company called, "MamaRoo." We wanted it so badly, but were actually pretty conflicted about perpetuating the stereotype that moms are somehow superior to dads when it comes to swinging. Good design won out and we bought it, but years later, it still irritates my husband to think about. 

That's one reason I'm a BIG fan of the Coldsnap by New York brand Hatch Things. Any adult is able to simply clip the extra panel onto his/her very stylish coat to keep baby warm. It's also great during pregnancy, when you need some extra room for your baby bump. 


3. The ability to use the stroller to carry things besides just your baby.

I have no idea how this works, but it's incredible. How many times have you been pushing a stroller and opted to hang a bag off of the handle only to discover that the moment you step away, everything falls over? You don't even need to be a parent to sympathize with this. Hatch Things does it again with the Sureshop. Let the video tell the story. 

 Sureshop. Hatch Things. $15.95.

Have other suggestions that changed your life in the first stages of parenthood? Please share!