Seattle Sunday: Embrace Your Inner Tomboy (and win!) with TomboyX

 Seems to me that the TomboyX is the perfect place to tie a bow tie. Photography by  Selena Kearney.

If you, Dear Reader, embrace the TomboyX lifestyle, the brand sells itself. Quality pieces with an edge. 

But, if you love it, and aren't sure how to wear it- that's where your very own personal stylist comes in. And, now is certainly the perfect time.

TomboyX and Poplin Style Direction are joining forces to help YOU win up to $250 worth of clothing from the brand, a styling session with me at the showroom AND lunch with the team. Make sure you are entered to win by liking TomboyX and Poplin on Facebook as well as signing up for our newsletters. See more details here.

Now, where were we? Oh, yes, styling. 


Ways to Wear My 3 Favorite Pieces from TomboyX


1. TomboyX briefs.

 TomboyX Tank and Briefs. TomboyX. $26/each or $38 for 3.

First up, TomboyX briefs and (available soon via kickstarter) TomboyX boxer briefs. If you are the kind of girl who worries about underwear lines and just can't see herself in these (but is aware that they are super rad) well, I have a solution for you:

Favorite pairing: Sexy pajamas.

I'm all for these with a ribbed tank top in the summer. As it gets colder, pair them with oversized pajama pants. You are wearing them anyway! Just let them sag a bit (think 90's/ what the kids are starting to do again) so that the TomboyX band shows. Then, add your long sleeved fitted white tee. A little racy, a lot cozy. 

2. The Sweet Caroline. 

 Sweet Caroline Shirt. TomboyX. $125.

I can't tell you how many women I've spoken to who don't wear fitted shirts because the buttons pull apart at the chest. Remember- it's not your body, it's the clothes. So, if something doesn't fit, just keep looking (or find a tailor) until it does. TomboyX clothes are made by tomboys for tomboys and the Sweet Caroline is evidence. With hidden buttons between each button, there is extra support to ensure that your top stays buttoned. Another exciting discovery: try it inside out. All you need to do is cut the tags and you've got another shirt. 

Favorite pairing: Clearly, this shirt pairs with virtually everything. As the weather cools off, add a  branded v neck tee over top, then a knit blazer. The v neck is a hipper version of your traditional v neck sweater. It draws the eye down and elongates your frame. While the branding draws the eye to your top half which is great for triangle shaped figures.

Everything is super comfortable and very tailored. Dress it down with jeans. If you have a rectangle or hourglass shaped body, you'd look great with a belt. TomboyX has a great selection of belt buckles with a one of a kind feel. And, of course, every great outfit is complete with the ideal pair of shoes. Sneakers keep things relaxed and bold colors draw the eye down- ideal for inverted triangle body shapes. 

 Maggie Blazer. TomboyX. $185.

 TomboyX V Neck Tee. TomboyX. $22.

 TomboyX Class B Jeans by Marc Nelson Denim. TomboyX. $150.

 Foster Weld Holy Brushed Buckle & Belt. TomboyX. $56.

 Cosmo Quilted Sneakers. Available in multiple colors. TomboyX. Was: $79 Now: $65.

3. Damask Faux Leather Coated Blazer.

 Damask Faux Leather Coated Blazer. TomboyX. $175.


As your very own personal stylist, I would be remiss if I did not remind you that you need a piece of leather or faux leather this season. Personally, I love the faux leather options because they are more affordable and actually quite practical in our climate. The fit on this jacket is superb. It clings where it is intended and allows you room to move all over. Showing off your figure while giving you and edge and keeping it classy. Oh my. All this in one piece. Yes, you can.

Favorite pairing: The tomboy look is sans dresses or skirts, so jeans or trousers are the way to go. But, if you are looking for a feminine touch, feel free to pair this with a skirt. From the TomboyX collection, I love it over a basic tee with a scarf, jeans and Bed Stu boots. Add a statement watch to complete the look. 

Opt for the black boots to coordinate with the black knit sleeves of the blazer. The various shades of brown blend nicely throughout the outfit without overwhelming you with dark brown. That means lighter brown in the scarf, chocolate on the blazer and on the watch band. Intentional but effortless. Coordinated but not matchy matchy. 

And of course, to be cool you have to read. 

 Pistil Whisper Scarf. TomboyX. $36.

 BedStu Turning Heads Boot. TomboyX. $220.

 TOKYObay Century Watch. Chocolate. TomboyX. $80.

 Hoop: The American Dream by Robin Layton. TomboyX. $40.

These looks are intended to get you started. Need help coordinating more outfits from the TomboyX collection and beyond? That's what I'm here for. 

You'll likely find that the TomboyX site is addictive. Don't get frustrated if your size isn't available. It's a very popular and every growing line. So, click the "want" button and you're sure to hear back from the team soon. 

Last but not least, Poplin readers get a 15% discount until September 30th, 2014 with code: Poplin. Use it!