DIY Style: Dyed wood

Things I love: fashion, design and projects with our 3 year old son. Things I LOVE: when the three collide. Thanks to the genius of Martha Stewart and her crew, a few years I ago, I discovered the magic of dying wood beads to make necklaces. It's an incredible project with kids of all ages as they can participate easily. Addie helped me make the necklace below. His favorite part is using a disposable chop stick to push around the floating beads to make sure they are covered evenly. 



 DIY dyed wooden beads.

Dying the wood is so easy (it's actually very similar to dying easter eggs), that we've applied this technique to several different projects. For his first birthday party, my husband and I dyed wooden blocks for all the kids (sanded and sealed them) and sewed retro corduroy bags for each set of 4.  

Most recently, Addie has become very interested in tree houses. So, we decided to update the mobile in his room to reflect that. Tweaking this pattern to make felt leaves that I found on Pinterest (we used colored pipe cleaners for the stems), wooden bird houses at the fabric store and his existing mobile, we managed to create a new personalized mobile. The possibilities are endless. 


 Our DIY treehouse mobile.