Photography by Justin Marx


Hip, Sophisticated with Masculine Influences

Anneliese is the very definition of cool. She’s creative, works in technology, and is the hip mom of dreams. When we met, she already had a very strong sense of style. What she was lacking was an understanding of how to dress her body, especially as it changed over the years. How does one look cool without dressing inappropriately for her age and looking like she’s trying too hard.

Approach: Building on Anneliese’s sense of style, we started with identifying her body type and letting that drive decisions about how to select pieces. Then, it was all about shopping at the right retailers for her urban, effortless and sophisticated personal style.

From the client:

Mellicia is a warm and wonderful person who is highly skilled at reading people and honing in on the things that will get you where you want to be, style-wise…. Bottom line: You only live once, you might as well look good!

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