Say, "Hello!" to New Packages and Extra Love

 Who goes for the best shot even if it's on the top of a building? That would be Poplin clients and photographer  Amy Paine.

Who could have ever imagined that this business would be so empowering, creative, gratifying AND give me the opportunity to interact with such incredible women? Okay, well, I imagined that. But, it actually came together! Woot!

As a personal stylist for women, I'm continually working to improve my process for my clients. I solicit feedback and experiment. If you subscribe to the Poplin newsletter, you know all about my experimentation. Right now, you're receiving my favorite things in your inbox every Friday. I stumble upon loads of pieces I adore that just aren't right for the client I'm working with at the time. But, I hate to keep them to myself. This new approach allows me to share those finds with you, Dear Reader, and gives me the unending joy of telling someone about a glorious piece. This makes me very happy.

Something else that makes me happy is ensuring the Poplin packages are the absolute best they can be. This leads us to today's announcement: new and improved packages. 

Brand Spanking New Poplin Package Upgrades

 Getting it done despite and insane storm. My client, Lauren, was up for the challenge as was the fearless  Amy Paine.

1. Full Service Photo Shoot

I'm THRILLED to now offer a full service photo shoot as part of the Amplify 360 Package or as a stand alone purchase. Whether you need professional shots for career purposes, dating websites or are just ready to go full force with your new look, the Poplin photo shoot is for you. I'll help you select three outfits for the shoot based on your personal style, body type and goals. Then, we'll set up hair and makeup with one my favorite artists as well as a full photo shoot with photographer Amy Paine. Amy takes great care and reaches out to clients ahead of the shoot for a conversation to ensure you are comfortable and connected. I'll also be on point the day of the shoot style you up and make sure we're communicating who you are in a way that makes you look and feel beautiful. Plus you'll be featured in Poplin marketing. (Images are purchased separately directly from the photographer). 

 I can never get enough of this photo of Mandy at Seattle Center rocking the shoes she already owned with her new pieces from working with Poplin.

2. 1 month check in. 

From now on, every time a client wraps up a package, whether it is a Closet Edit or the brand new Amplified 360, we'll schedule a 20 minute FaceTime call one month later at no extra charge. I've discovered that once a client starts experimenting with her clothes on her own, she has some questions. I want to make sure I'm here to help. 

 Long time client Kate is rocking at top from the first Poplin event at Velouria for our photo shoot in West Seattle.

3. 30 minutes more for the outfit session.

If it was up to me, I could create outfits all day long. That's really when I achieve flow. For my clients, the outfit session is the time when I use all of her new and existing pieces plus accessories to create outfits for her and take photos. Then, I photograph the outfits and she can swipe every morning on her phone to determine what to wear. The morning has never been easier. I like to suggest she look for what's clean and build from there:) Historically, the session has been 3 hours and she doesn't even need to be home. I just set up my mobile studio and go. I've discovered that most clients would like more time to chat about how everything is going and I want to make sure that 1:1 time doesn't take away from creating outfits. Therefore, I've added another 30 minutes to the session. A win- win for all. 

 From yoga pants to this. Swathy is owning this look and has never looked back. Here she is rocking it at Golden Gardens.

4. 30 minute virtual styling sessions.

I always say, "once a client, always a client." So, once a client has purchased a package, I'm a resource for her moving forward. She also has access to her online personal profile to ensure that she can shop on her own knowing what pieces flatter her shape, what retailers sell her size and options true to her personal style plus so much more. Now, she can also schedule 30 minutes to just ask questions via FaceTime. Whether it's deciding between two dresses for an occasion, determining what shoes work best with a look or specific challenges she's having, I'm only a phone call away. 

 The very first Poplin event took place at local favorite, Velouria, when it was still located in Ballard. Click on the image to see the details from what feels like a lifetime ago. And yes, I already was obsessed with Marimekko (clearly).

5. Client Events.

I like to have 1-2 client events each year. The Spring Forward Event at the Limited has been a favorite of clients for years, so I've had that one repeatedly. As you likely know, the Limited is no longer (sigh). Instead, this year, I'm hosting a private event for clients at my home. Additionally, we've JUST confirmed the date with Universal Standard for and exclusive night at the showroom. Mark your calendars: August 27th, 2017. 5-8PM. This one will be open to readers, too. Keep your eye out for announcements and RSVP options. Poplin events are free and offer special benefits to attending. We'll be giving away a $250 gift card for Universal Standard at the event and this will be a sneak peak into the brand before it hits Nordstrom in September. 

And there you have it. SO much is happening and it's all incredible. HUGE thanks to all of you who follow Poplin on social and/or are clients. I hope I'm giving you as much love as you give me.