Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Without Compromising Your Style.

As a personal stylist for women in Seattle, I hear a lot from women who love shopping but feel guilty about the impact on the earth. Not to worry. There are ways to supplement your wardrobe without sacrificing our environment. 

1. Sustainable Textiles Don't Have To Mean Hippy Style. 

Below are a few retailers working to decrease the impact on the earth while still keeping you looking your best. 

 Clearwater Jumpsuit. Reformation. $198. Sourcing sustainable fabrics, vintage fabrics and made in LA.

 Ultra Comfortable Ankle Pants. Seamly. Was: $60. Now: $30. Everything is 50% off as Seamly gears up for a new phase!

 Blue Field Pack. Sword & Plough. $159. Made from military goods.

 Green Signature Rucksack. Sword & Plough.  $289. Made from military goods.

 WOMEN'S BASIC UPCYCLED V-NECK TEE - GRAY. Looptworks. $15. Saves 400 gallons of water.


2. Recycled books. 

I have become enamored with linear earrings. If it looks like a spear or a rectangle, all the better. When I stumbled upon these beauties made from books at the Edmonds Bookshop, I had to find more. 

 Yes and Yes designs Spear Earrings. Made From Books. $30.

 State Necklace - Novel. Yes and yes designs. $25.

3. Pre-cycle or recycle your jewelry.

When I interviewed Everling Jewelry founder, Adrienne Krieger a couple of years ago, I had no idea the doors that conversation would open for me. Adrienne schooled me on pre-cycling and re-cycling gorgeous stones and metals. As it turns out, whether or not to buy a "blood diamond" isn't actually the right dilemma. The proper question is, "is there a stone already in existence that you can use?" Whether it's a diamond or another stone, there are options that are available (maybe already in your very own jewelry box) that can be transformed into something spectacular. 

 Trine. Everling Jewelry. $1,820.

 Custom white gold and diamond engagement ring.

Happy guilt free shopping, Dear Reader.