Stop. It's Slipper Time.

 Blue Leather Slippers. Available in multiple colors. CP Slippers. $37.50.

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know how much I adore my rubber Birkenstocks as the ultimate, "house shoe." After all, in the Pacific Northwest, most people don't wear shoes indoors. But, because we have wood floors, going barefoot simply isn't an option for me. The Birks provide support and look adorable.

Well, times are changing, my friend. 

I have become completely enamored with CP Slippers. Let me tell you more.

Why I Heart CP Slippers.

 Before I even take off my tights, it's time to slip on my new favorite house shoes.

1. Minimalist Design.

As a style blogger, I'm frequently approached to evaluate products. I'm very particular about this part of the business, as my first loyalty is to you, Dear Reader, and my clients. As a result, I often turn down products and if I'm especially intrigued, I'll agree to try it with the caveat that if I don't care for it, I simply won't write about it. This keeps me from writing negative reviews, that I'd rather not write, and ensures that I can honestly communicate to you my thoughts about products that I love.

Now, to CP Slippers. The moment I saw the site, I wanted a pair. A yellow pair, to be specific. Or maybe the white, or the turquoise or the orange.... You get my drift. The design is clean, appealing and super fun, too.

 Red Leather Kids Slipper. Available in multiple colors. CP Slippers. $21.50.

2. High Quality Materials.

Slippers hand made in Spain with gorgeous leather? Sign me up. 

 Tan Leather Mens Slipper. Available in multiple colors. CP Slippers. $39.50.

3. Let's talk about Comfort.

While I was looking forward to trying a pair of these beauties, I was concerned that they wouldn't have enough support for my feet. I can feel myself aging as I type this. But, it's true. I really need support, especially on hard floors. Lucky (or unlucky) for me, the slippers arrived just as I caught the flu. Translation: I "got" to wear them pretty much all day long for nearly a week. If I wasn't in bed, I was wearing these slippers. When I finally left the house, the first thing I did upon my return was to pop them back on. Here's the great mystery: They are a simple piece of super soft leather. That's it. No cushion. And yet, they are insanely comfortable and I never went back to my Birks. 

 CP Slippers Our Story.

4. A Great Story.

You know how much I love to share about local makers. In this world of fast fashion, it's really beautiful to celebrate artisans and their crafts. CP Slippers is a family company with a story that started in 1981 after the owner's grandfather took a trip to Japan. He fell in love with the traditional Japanese house slipper an opted to create some of his own using Spanish leather. CP Slippers were born. 

So, here's what I'm saying: these slippers are dreamy. They are available for women, men and kids. They come in a variety of colors and they are affordable. Plus, they make you feel good about your feet and the world. 

Now, for another trip to the kitchen in my slippers to get a cup of coffee......