Your New Favorite Way to Take Action: The Friend Review

Every year, I write a Thanksgiving post. It tends to focus on my experience volunteering with homeless youth through our styling sessions at YouthCare. This year, I thought I'd mix things up a bit. This is a crazy time. There's this persistent feeling that we need to take action, now, always. Yes, this can (and should) be political action. But, action comes in many forms. So, today, I propose a little something special that will make you feel and remind the people in your life how much you appreciate them.  

Say, "Hello", to the Friend Review.

As a small business owner I have the strange experience of receiving online reviews. Who has the opportunity to receive public praise? It's a rare gift and one that should not be confined to personal stylists. Therefore, I propose we start embracing the friend review. This can be done privately (cards or emails are nice) or publicly (thanks, Facebook). 

Here's how: Just write a little something wonderful about a friend or family member and share it with #friendreview. Do this on social media, in the comment section, wherever you'd like. Let's see how many warm fuzzies we can put out into the world this Thanksgiving. I'll begin.

Dear Clients: Thanks for being so thoughtful, flexible, communicative, kind and inspiring. I appreciate the way we interact and the positive impact you enable me to have on the world. Thanks for being you and for sending more of your people my way. I'm honored to be surrounded by sensational women who give me hope in the future. #friendreview. 

Happy Thanksgiving to clients, family, friends and the folks who make Poplin such a fun reason to get up in the morning. Here's a small segment of that group. Recognize anyone?