So Many Outfits, So Little Time

 Creating outfits during the filming of the Poplin video. As it turns out, dress forms take too long for client outfit photos. Another solution, perhaps?

I'm often reminding clients that they can skip cleaning their houses when I'm coming over. Why? Because working with Poplin should make your life easier. It should make feeling great about how you look an achievable goal everyday. If there's a barrier to that, I want to know about it. That's why we are sharing a user survey (designed by an expert in the field who also happens to be a Poplin client). I want to know how Poplin can serve you better. What's working? What isn't?

One client completed the survey and shared that she wanted viewing her outfits to be easier. Great idea. Now they are. Instead of a client viewing one photo at a time with a carousel of images below, she can now view all her outfit photos simultaneously and scroll to find the image that appeals to her most. As a Poplin reader, your feedback on the survey really can change how Poplin serves you, even if we haven't worked directly with one another. 

If you are curious how the outfit photos have changed over the years, here are a couple of images that explain it all. The first photo is from an early client's outfit photo shoot while the second photo is from a more recent client's outfit photo shoot.

 Poplin client outfit photo, 2014.


The newer method allows for more options in one photo. That means less load time because all you need is one photo. The photo on the bottom includes:

  • 2 tops
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 vest
  • 4 pairs of pants
  • 3 skirts
  • 3 necklaces
  • 1 bracelet
  • 7 pairs of shoes

That's a whole lot of outfits..... 

 Poplin client outfit photo, 2016.

So, please. Take a moment (less than 5 actually) to complete the survey. It's anonymous and will have an impact on you, me and countless other clients and readers now and into the future. Thanks!