My 10 Favorite Things Right Now

 Monki Kimono. ASOS. $45.

The holiday season is both inspiring and overwhelming. The time between Christmas and New Year's can be especially strange. After all, we have new pieces (thanks, friends and family!) and others to exchange or return. Visiting a retailer can feel a little lackluster as stores are jam packed with left overs. But, if you have gift cards burning holes in your pockets, here are a few suggestions that have totally consumed my mind as of late. Enjoy!


My 10 Favorite Things Right Now.


 Eat Pretty. Amazon. Starts at $9.

1. Books for a Healthy New Year.

This time of year always makes me want to take a break from indulgence. New Year's resolutions in our house generally involve some sort of self control and this year we are especially excited about healthier eating. (I should say that we already eat very well, but there's always room for improvement.) These two books are topics of conversation and can be picked up at Anthropologie while you scan the sale items for a great deal: Eat Pretty. Nutrition for beauty inside and out by Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP & Clean Slate. A Cookbook and Guide. Reset Your health, detox your body and feel your best from the editors of Martha Stewart Living.


 Fine Rib Knit Turba Hat. ASOS. $18.

2. Turbans and berets.

I heart my beenie. Always have, always will. As the cold weather rages on, I've been yearning for alternatives to keep my head warm. Right now I'm all about the turban. It's especially smashing with a pair of hip sunglasses. If the turban isn't for you, consider a beret. Up your cold weather game.


 Birkenstock Madrid Slide Sandal. Available in multiple colors. Nordstrom. $29.

3. The perfect house shoes.

I can go on about this all day long. We have wood floors, so house shoes or slippers are must haves this time of year. However, I refuse to sacrifice style. After all, what you wear communicates as strongly to you as it does to everyone around you. Keep that dialogue positive with indoor shoes or slippers that make you look and feel your best with your loungewear. I'm obsessed with Birkenstock slides. They are only $30, crazy comfortable and all rubber so they can be cleaned easily. For a fuzzier option, I like Clarks flip flops. Surprisingly, both keep me feet warm enough. If you'd like something that allows you to go inside and out without changing your shoes, Mahabis are the way to go. They run a little small, so keep that in mind when ordering.


 Cropped Lounge Pants. Available in navy, grey, taupe. The Limited. Was: $44 Now: $31.

 Natori Joy Caftan Style Z70315. Natori. $180.

4. Cozy and hip loungewear.

At this time of year, the right loungewear is everything. Abandon those old sweats that are, "just for around the house," in favor of something equally comfortable that makes you feel great when unexpected guests arrive. As a big fan of cropped pants, I love the jersey option. I also can't get enough of caftans and kimonos. Finding the caftan that is truly you can take some work; but, I assure you, it is worth it. Toss one on over your sexier lingerie when the kids come in and wear it all morning. This is also ideal when you are off to get a massage or hit the gym as you can slip it off and on in seconds.


 Zoya Nail Polish in Kristen. Zoya. $9.

5. Nail polish that won't kill you.

Okay, nail polish won't kill you. But, it's nice to find options that are chemical free. Zoya never disappoints. Find it online or locally hit Ulta or Vixen.


 The Week Dominator. Neu Year. Was: $32 Now: $27.

6.  Efficient and eye catching planning tools.

The best part of the New Year is stocking up on calendars and office supplies that will motivate and inspire goodness throughout the year. I'm in my third year of Neu Year calendars. The week dominator planners that include spaces for goal setting and tracking are super helpful. I like things to be complete, so forms are a nice way to hold myself accountable. And, the wall calendars are enormous. Pretty folders, pens and the like also make office work a joy. Whether you work from home or in an office, you'll find that having lovely accessories makes even the least exciting tasks more fun.


 Supporting the University of Arizona Wildcats in my Adidas Originals Top Ten High Tops. Urban Outfitters. $100.

7. The next step in ankle boots.

We've been talking about ankle boots for the last couple of seasons. While I'm still a fan, as a personal stylist, I'm always looking for the next wave of fashionable pieces that bring me joy. Right now, that thrill is coming from old school high tops and functional ankle rain boots. You don't need to be dressed for the prom to look fashionable. In fact, the most common request I hear from clients is that they want to look, "more put together." Do that with a hip sneaker or rain boot. My Tretorns work at soccer games and downtown. Try the wedge to elevate your look.


 Stop & Think. Amazon. From $12.

8. Some tips and tricks for work life balance.

As a personal stylist, my goal is to ensure that my clients have the knowledge and tools to easily communicate their personal styles through their clothing. I am not interested in telling people what is current, dressing them and walking away. Instead, it's all about listening and empowering women to find what is right for them. The approach must feel right to each client and it must be sustainable for her lifestyle. I'm always on the lookout to a similar strategy to well, everything. Local Jae Ellard writes an insightful column in the Huffington Post on work life balance. Each column provides easily implementable tips to find balance and opportunities for introspection. 


 Manolo Blahnik Titto Flats. Barneys. Was: $645 Now: $249.

9. Feminine and comfortable shoes. 

I've recently fallen in love again with flats. This time, it's all about twists on the classics. Mixed metals, tortise shell, nude patent leather are all on my radar. These opportunities to make your outfit more sophisticated and feminine without sacrificing comfort are everywhere and I'm for it. A helpful hint: If you are in  your late 30's and beyond, it's time to pass on the mary janes. Try something more age-appropriate like t-straps or flats with a pointed toe.


 Gold Moraccan Quatrefoil Pattern iphone case. Zazzle. $42.

10. Unexpected iphone cases.

It's time to upgrade my phone. The best part about this revalation is that it is also time to update my case! I dare you to spend less than 10 minutes looking at cases on Zazzle. Really. It's an addiction.

As always, thanks very  much, Dear Reader, for your ongoing support of Poplin. I often find that I have simply too much to tell you. Hence, the "favorite things" posts. Oprah's gift just keeps on giving. Let me know what you think and what else you love. Happy holidays!

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