The Finerie CoLAB: Because you are THAT Cool.


I am obsessed with the Finerie CoLAB

There are two stores: The Finerie and The Finerie CoLAB.

The Finerie CoLAB is in a temporary location and will be moving from 2nd and Virginia to Western Avenue in the coming months. What does that mean to you, Dear Reader? It means get there now and then again after the move. From housewares to apparel, accessories to furniture and everything in between, this swanky spot is filled with unexpected items. 

Owner Tanya Friberg takes special care to curate a collection of unique items from local, national and international designers. You'll find well-known brands like Desigual. In fact, the Finerie and CoLAB are THE place for Desigual in the Northwest. But, you'll also find a plethora of labels that are most certainly new to you. I'm loving Bitte Kai Rand and de Rosairo right now. And, because of the constant change in inventory and the Finerie's commitment to keeping the shops as destinations, you won't find pieces online. 

Where you will find them is in my closet, for starters. 

5 Reasons to Visit the Finerie CoLAB Right Now.

1. A few of my favorite pieces. 

I've provided a gallery of some of my current favorites below. It's always nice to have something pretty to look at. Remember, if you like it, you'll have to swing by and see it pronto. Pieces go fast. And, keep an eye out for the cardigan you can wear multiple ways. You'll see that in an upcoming post.

2. It's everything.

Every time I swing by the store I walk out with a completely different focus. The other day I went in to say hello and left with an extraordinary dress for the upcoming F-Factor Gala. It's vintage-inspired, but not vintage. It was the only one. It was on sale. The time before that I couldn't take my eyes off of the lighting fixtures and on another visit, I was enamored with the shoes. And don't get me started on the home decor.

3. It's ideal for those who adore the distinctive.

If you've ever uttered the words, "I don't want to wear what everyone else is wearing," these boutiques exist for you. Small runs of unusual pieces fill the stores. This also means that when you fall in love with a piece, you snap it up before someone else does.

4. There's parking.

Swinging by a location at 2nd and Virginia isn't always easy. Fortunately, there are two parking spots designated for CoLAB customers. And the bus stops right in front to make it the ideal destination on your lunch break.

5. You'll learn something.

 A sneak peak of my dress for the F-Factor Gala. Thanks, CoLAB!

Whether it's a designer, a maker or an artisan, it's impossible to leave CoLAB without discovering a new creative voice. And, it's possible that voice happens to be in the shop. Local designers are available for custom appointments so that dress can be made JUST FOR YOU. Or how about repurposing your old leather coat into a new jacket that is more current? The folks at the Finerie CoLAB can hook you up with a local designer who specializes in such transformations. If you are looking for folks who are dialed into the design community, look no further.

6. You can spend your gift cards.

That's right! One lucky Poplin reader will win a $100 gift card plus another $100 gift card for his/her mom just in time for Mother's Day. You increase your chances of winning by visualizing yourself as the winner. That happens at the store, my dear. 

Need a little more incentive to visit? You'll be seeing some of my favorite pieces on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook this week. 

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The drawing will be held on Mother's Day, 2015. Good luck!