Hello again Poplin client!

What's it going to be like when these weekly emails wrap up? Not to worry. I'm here and the blog and newsletter are here, too. As we near the close of our weekly emails, this one is especially important. I like to call it: 

You Know You Need a Tailor When....

For most of us, a tailor exists to hem jeans. That's it. Jeans. Sure, we've heard about the importance of tailors when reading fashion magazines written by editors in NYC. Clearly, they are talking to someone else. Right? Um, no. In fact, a really great tailor is both hard to find and totally essential. I'm fortunate to have a relationship with a stellar tailor. And, as a Poplin client, you are, too. So, when/if you discover that it's finally time to invest in the perfect fit, just let me know. I digress. You know you need a tailor when...

1. The top of your shirts is too low, saggy or just wrong

We talk about being short waisted all day long, but we rarely consider the effect that the size of our décolletage, shoulders or sometimes bust have on the way clothing fits. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled up the straps on a client's top to reveal how much better she looks when her top is pulled up a bit. Yup. A tailor can do that.

2. The darts aren't hitting quite right

If you fall in love with a dress only to discover that the designer expected your breasts to be somewhere they aren't, it's time to engage a tailor. 

3. Your tees and tops are too boxy

Let's say you try fitted tops but they show off your stomach in a way that just isn't working. So, you try a boxier tee only to discover that you look much larger than you actually are. If you are especially curvy, a tee that fits you the way it should can feel close to a unicorn. Your standard seamstress will struggle with how to correct that. But, a skilled tailor with a background in fashion will understand how to show off your shape. Here's an example of my client, Amy, after our tailor took in her tees. From boxy to bam! Yes, I said that.

4. You face proportional challenges and clothes just don't seem to fit

Short waisted, long waisted, broad shoulders, petite frame. Whatever it is, a tailor can tweak items to make you look your best. In those moments when you simply feel that nothing works, know this: it's not you, it's the clothes. And, a tailor can make those clothes work much better.

5. You want to elevate your look

If you just want your pieces to look more expensive and for you to look more polished and put together, you are in the market for a great tailor. Don't believe me? Visualize a man in an ill fitting suit. Now, visualize that same man in a perfectly tailored suit. (I'll use the models from Suitsupply to prove my point here.) Men have been taking advantage of great tailoring for, well forever. It's time we caught on.

Of course, there are a million other situations that will prompt you to get a tailor. The goal here is to get you thinking about what your life can be like when things fit. I mean really, really fit. Here's a video of Amy again. I can't help it, I adore her and her reaction to tailoring. She went full force and had 18 pieces in her closet including new pieces from her Uber Wishlist and items she already owned. I'll let her convince you. 


Executing it all

Yes! You should feel free to reach out to your local tailor or one at a local retailer. Do what works for you. If you find that you'd like time with me and my favorite tailor (she also has a background in fashion design), just let me know. We'll come to your place and help