Sample Outfits

I've heard clients call the outfits my, "secret sauce." Well, I do LOVE creating them and clients especially LOVE having them easily accessible via their computer or mobile device. 

My goal is to create as many outfits as possible using a clients new pieces and existing wardrobe. Just as every part of the styling process is highly personalized, I ask clients to show me pieces that are challenging so I can incorporate those more than others. The photos are taken at the client's home and I opt to create more outfits with less than stellar photos rather than perfect photos and fewer outfits. After all, you know your clothes. You just want help coordinating look after look after look. 

Below is a sample. You can also see this client's Uber Wishlist to give you a more complete understanding of the process. Have questions? Reach out!

Please keep in mind that this page may take a minute to load due to the volume of images. 


High Impact, Stylish, Put-Together, Confident