Philanthropic Consulting

Get your giving off the ground.

Want to give back but you can't seem to find a way that is mutually beneficial for you and the organization you are trying to support? Or are you struggling to figure out exactly what issue is most important for you or how to build giving back into your daily life? 

If so, a session with Mellicia Marx must just be the thing. Mellicia Marx, owner of Poplin Style Direction, has integrated giving back into her business from day one. Mellicia has a background connecting nonprofit organizations with donors and volunteers. She's also served on nonprofit boards, created a nonprofit with friends and assisted countless business owners and individuals find the best way to give back. 


Sessions are useful for businesses or individuals. 


Sit down with Mellicia and come up with a strategy that supports your goals, is manageable for your lifestyle and has a meaningful affect on the world. Whether you give financial support, your time, your expertise or a combination thereof, there are endless ways to have an impact right now. 


Meet in person or via FaceTime. Schedule a complimentary session and build from there. Whether you simply need an hour of brainstorming together, a comprehensive strategy for your philanthropic endeavors or something in between, Mellicia can help. 


Start with a complimentary 20 minute session via FaceTime. Additional sessions are $160/hour. A standard intake session and a written strategy to move forward tends to run 3 hours total. 


Reach out and let's talk!