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Poplin Style Direction founder Mellicia Marx exploring Magnolia's Vixen Day Spa & Boutique.

Poplin Style Direction founder Mellicia Marx exploring Magnolia's Vixen Day Spa & Boutique.

That is life-changing for someone like me that sucks at putting outfits together but who really wants to look polished. I am sooo glad I met her. She didn't judge me, didn't try to get me to buy new clothes I didn't want nor need, and was extremely respectful of my time and my space. She didn't pressure me into spending more money on her "bigger" packages nor into going to fancy boutiques. I love knowing how what specific pieces my closet still needs to feel complete. Friends and family have already noticed my new look and it's only been a few days since Mellicia came into my life. If you are on the fence, just go for it and call her. My closet is now like a beautiful boutique curated just for me. It feels amazing to get dressed now thanks to her.

- Nahla P., Yelp Review, March 18, 2019

I was sick of taking 30 minutes every morning to find something to wear and still ending up feeling frumpy, so when I found Mellicia on yelp it was honest to god a dream come true. After we had our first meeting, I was so excited because I felt like she "got" me and had some really fun ideas about what my fashion sense was & could be….

-Ashley H., Yelp Review, February 21, 2019

I've always loved clothes, but hated getting dressed--until I met Mellicia.  I decided to hire Mellicia because I was tired of wading through an overstuffed closet full of clothes--many that I never wore--and I didn't want to buy new clothes but instead wear the items that I already owned.  Mellicia helped me refine my style and use that as a guide to determine what to keep.  After cleaning out my closet she helped me breathe new life into dated pieces by bringing her tailor to my home where Mellicia and the tailor used their expertise to update each piece and ensure that it was modern, reflected my style, and fit properly.  As a busy working mom I appreciated that the tailor then came back to my house and had me try each piece to ensure the proper fit.  This was an amazing service and I loved that I could extend the life of clothing I really liked and was shocked by how much better the clothing fit after it was tailored to me.  And did I mention that I didn't buy one new thing as a result of working with Mellicia?  The result is that I feel like I have a brand new wardrobe but didn't spend a dime on new pieces!  Mellicia not only changed my closet, but my life. 

-Delight R., Yelp Review, December 20, 2018

I decided to look for a personal stylist after quickly gaining weight due to a new medication. The department store I usually shop at offers personal stylists without a fee but I was really looking for someone who could come into my home, see the way I live, see what I already own and work with me to formulate a plan based on all that info. I'm so happy I found Mellicia as she does all this and more! She made me feel instantly comfortable and picked up on my insecurities and areas of concern right away. I wanted someone to push me out of my rut of jeans and sweatshirts and she delivered ten-fold on our shopping day. 

Lauren W., Yelp Review, November, 13, 2018

Mellicia takes time getting to know the real you so that she uncovers your innate style. I was the mom that threw in the towel after moving to Seattle where people seemingly didn't care about fashion. But that just wasn't ME! Mellicia helped give me the confidence I needed to embrace fashion and adapted my style for my very casual work and home life settings. She is direct, efficient and just gets it!

Becky B., Yelp Review, October 30, 2018

Collaborating with Mellicia to elevate my fashion style as a travel journalist and communication skills coach has been nothing short of miraculous… [including] our photo shoot with her stellar makeup and photography artists, my entire experience was a delight. Every woman deserves to spend a day with the Poplin Style team!

Nancy M., Yelp Review, October, 8, 2018

I had the pleasure of attending Mellicia's talk "Body Image & Confidence" at Amazon's Health Matters Wellness Conference. She is an expert and truly passionate about helping people achieve their best style. After implementing Mellicia's strategy of shopping according the three words that best define you, I finally feel that I have the formula to great style. My closet is cohesive, stylish and reflects ME!

Onyedikachi A., Yelp Review, September, 17, 2018

Preparing for a new job and a new life chapter, I decided it was finally time to tackle my closet. Mellicia walked me through every step of a wardrobe update, and she made the process fun, informative, and affirming.  

Rebecca J., Yelp Review, August 11, 2018

Mellicia spoke at Amazon's Health Matters Wellness Conference and share a few of her secrets through a presentation, "Body Image & Confidence- Defining and Creating Values".In just an hour, she transformed the way I and the audience thought about the impact clothing has on our lives; it's ability to reflect our values, communicate without speaking, mirror our personalities and change the way we feel and think about ourselves. Mellicia is a rare find. She's thorough, flexible, resourceful, and a pleasure to work with. 

Kassie, Amazon's Health Matters Team, Yelp Review, July 9, 2018

Think about where you are going (or could potentially go) and ensure that your clothes encourage a night to remember. First, select pieces that communicate who you are but are also functional for long walks, temperature changes and long nights.

Mellicia Marx, Excerpt from "Style Guide for Any Winter Occasion"Simply Matchmaking, November 2017


Life is busy. I’m guessing that your to-do list is as long as mine. But, I’m here to tell you that giving back is not only possible, it’s easier than you think. What’s the secret? Practice random acts of empathy.

Mellicia Marx, "Practice Random Acts of Empathy"Simple Intentions, October 2017

I received a shopping trip and personal styling session with Mellicia for my high school graduation. It was a unique, thoughtful gift, and helped me define and refine my style before going into my first year of college. I highly recommend this! It was, by far, the most distinct and memorable gift I received… Mellicia also designed a personal web page for me to look back on. And wow, how beautiful it is! On it she highlighted the types of things that I can look for on future shopping trips and when getting dressed in the morning. This was highly personalized, and is a long lasting benefit to a session with Mellicia. Overall, this experience was fantastic. I highly recommend it for college students, as Mellicia does a great job transforming your closet from high school into college and beyond.

Ashleigh R., Yelp Review, August 24, 2017

I have always wanted to do this and it was a pleasure to take the adventure with her. She will give you a complete course in the wardrobe that is best for your body. She looks at your old clothes and gives you ideas about new ways of mixing and matching. I loved her energy. The newsletters are great. She is very passionate about what she does and takes meticulous care of her clients.

Susan C., The Art of Screaming, Yelp Review, May 22, 2017

After meeting with several stylists, I knew Mellicia was a match. She delightfully made the whole process easy and fun. Editing my closet was an amazing experience, Mellicia helped me erase decades of body shaming in one fell swoop. I see myself completely differently and that is a true gift!

Lisabet D., Facebook Review, March 3, 2017


She's professional, fun, and interested in bringing ease to the concern of what to wear. An added bonus in our work together was seeing myself in whole new, more confident way. Work with Mellicia -- it's a great way to practice loving, self-care.

Julie P., Facebook Review, February, 27, 2017


I am inspired by helping other people see the power that is within them and watching them transform.

Mellicia Marx, Microsoft Office #FirstDrafts Campaign, January 2017


As a personal stylist, my job is to help women be seen. It’s not about teaching them how to succumb to the expectations of the patriarchy. On the contrary, it’s about being in control of how people see you. It’s about saying something without talking, and having the confidence and courage to bravely do what you want, when you want. It’s a lesson I work to share with my clients, and something I continue to learn again and again.

Mellicia Marx, Kari Gran "Wear Yourself In" Campaign, January 18, 2017


My life is now divided into “Before Mellicia” and “After Mellicia.” Besides being a delightful person to work with, Mellicia provided tactical, actionable advice that I could take away and dress myself like a pro on my own.

Mandy F., Facebook Review, December 14, 2016


[After three years as a Poplin client] I can honestly say that I always feel like I have several options to pick from on a daily basis that make me feel confident and styley – even as my weight fluctuates up and down (which it does often!). My friends always say, “You have such great style” which I attribute to Mellicia! I hadn’t heard that from anyone in a good 12 years and now I hear it multiple times a week.

Kate R., Facebook Review, October 11, 2016


If you are like me your morning ritual is always the same. I would get up and spend 30 minutes staring at the clothes in my closet. Despite having a closet full of clothes (some with tags) I did not feel confident in my ability to put it all together. After just one meeting with Mellicia I knew I was in good hands.

Tammy K., Yelp Review, March 22, 2016


If you are reading this review, and considering contacting Mellicia, stop hesitating! She is amazing and the process is worth every penny.

Brooke A., Yelp Review, March 7, 2016


Boy, has my life changed after working with Mellicia! After many years of the frumpy mom look, it was really time for a change! Now I feel like I've found my identity again. Even though all that's changed is I've got some nice new outfits in the closet and I have a better understanding of the kind of clothes I should be wearing, I feel like the change represents so much more. I've found the real me again!

C M., Yelp Review, January 24, 2016


Mellicia's attention to detail, the way she listens to what I want and need is unparalleled. In particular, the Closet Edit was one of the most freeing exercises I've ever experienced. Mellicia has such a great sense of style - I completely trust her opinion and rely on her to choose items that work best for my style, my life, and my budget.

Rebecca D., Yelp Review, January 18, 2016


Mellicia is amazing & working with her was a delight. She made shopping fun for someone who hates it. Her keen attention to style, personality and clothes has transformed my closet into a treasure chest of goodies.

Jo I., Yelp Review, November 14, 2015


I was worried I would be beautifully styled as someone else, but Mellicia took the time to know me, my life, what I like and how I want to express myself. She does her research, is an expert stylist, has a passion for what she does, is practical and fun to be around.

Sue A., Yelp Review, September 17, 2015


Things were going well with my career and other things, but my clothes did not reflect that at all. Mellicia put me at ease right away. She is exactly the right person for this kind of profession. She makes you feel like you are not your blah wardrobe, you are an amazing person and she is there to help you get there. The clothes she selected were right on with what I was hoping and made me feel great.

Megan C., Yelp Review, September 14, 2015


She asked smart questions to really help me understand why I was holding onto certain items and figure out the missing "links" from my wardrobe that would make an even bigger impact. She taught me how to "see" my old clothes in a new light and create outfits from pieces that I never thought of putting together before.

Alexis W., Yelp Review, June 16, 2015


Mellicia knows how to help you look the way you want to -- without looking like you're trying too hard. If that's not magic, I don't know what is. Plus she's helping me wear trends in a way that I still feel like me. Only cooler.

Leah I., Yelp Review, June 10, 2015


I recently lost over 80 lbs. and had been wearing a size 18+ for over 20 years. I had so many years of no real style and very limited choices, I just wore things that fit. Enter Mellicia's mad style skills. Hubby loves my new look. I have a whole new life and it feels wonderful. Love what you do!

Connie L., Yelp Review, April 13, 2015


Mellicia comes into your life via your closet, but after spending mere minutes with her, you quickly realize that she's there to help you with so much more than clothes! It goes without saying that she has totally transformed my wardrobe and my shopping habits (no more impulse buys!), and has made getting dressed a joy for the first time in years. However, she has also talked me through a career transition and advised me on philanthropic activities (ask her about YouthCare!), all while helping with the emotions/body image issues that arise when you're talking about clothes. It's been said by many others, but it bears repeating: Mellicia Marx changes lives.

Brooke W., Yelp Review, January 21, 2015


YouthCare is so grateful for Poplin Style's support for homeless youth in our community. Mellicia and the Poplin team do an amazing job of not only teaching youth about appropriate work and interview attire, but also empowering them and building up their confidence by helping them to look and feel great. YouthCare has immense respect for Poplin Style Direction, and is so appreciative of the generous, effective sessions that Poplin holds for our young people.

YouthCare Seattle, Yelp Review, December 8, 2014

I feel like me again, at last! And this wouldn't have been possible without Mellicia's enthusiastic and caring approach. I'm wearing things right now I never would have had the confidence to wear before. I'm owning my style words - edgy, unexpected, hard and soft - all with credit to Mellicia. I am hooked. I've already told my family that this is the gift of my future, and I expect to be one of Mellicia's clients for a long, long time.

Jenny R., Yelp Review, October 22, 2014


It has been almost a year since I first worked with Mellicia, and it's the gift that keeps on giving. I have continued to buy new, interesting clothes, and I feel excited about getting dressed in the morning. Mellicia holds periodic client events, which offer additional opportunities to shop with her. A personal stylist may feel like an indulgence, but feeling good about yourself is so fundamental that it's worth the investment.

Bridgette M., Yelp Review, October 5, 2014


I looked and felt great for the event, and I've worn many of the pieces since then. I also think differently now when I put outfits together, and I receive compliments much more often! Everyone needs a consultation with Mellicia. Poplin Style Direction has so many options, it's hard to choose. I went with the Uber Wishlist, but I'm sure I'll be back for more. Thanks Mellicia!

Tami T., Yelp Review, September 16, 2014


The service was excellent. I loved the flexibility.

Kim R., Yelp Review, September 2, 2014


Mellicia pays one-on-one attention to youth and adjusts her workshops based on their specific needs, which is why her husband, Justin, recently became involved — so male-identified youth would have someone they might feel more comfortable asking for measuring and styling tips. Justin’s contributions have proved successful; a young man, Sam, learned from him how to tie a tie. Sam later thanked Justin and explained “[his] dad was never around, so no one has ever taken the time [to teach him something like that] before. These quarterly workshops are just one of the many ways Mellicia gives back.

YouthCare Newsletter, Volunteer Spotlight: Mellicia Marx, The Gift of Confidence, August, 2014 


Finally! I feel like *ME* again - but a better, more confident version. I had been searching to rediscover my style since the birth of my daughter three years ago, but was struggling big time. I'd sought the help of stylists in the past (I even work for a large retailer with stylists on staff) but just kept feeling like I was being put into a "working mom" bucket I wasn't feeling whatsoever.

Where Mellicia stood out from the pack was her genuine interest and dedication to get to know ME - my interests, my passions, what made me tick, and how I aspired to feel and and present myself to the world.

Kate R., Yelp Review, July, 8, 2014


The OUTFITS! Mellicia actually holes herself up in your closet and puts together outfits from your wardrobe in new and amazing ways. She takes photos and uploads them to your page. I cannot tell you how much my sleep-deprived mommy brain has benefited from this. No kidding, this whole last week I've decided what to wear using these photos, rushed to get ready in 10-15 mins, and still get compliments from my office peeps! Love love love.

Roz. C., Yelp Review, June 20, 2014


Although I live thousands of miles away from Seattle, Mellicia did an amazing job on our Skype conversations hearing out my laundry list of fashion likes and dislikes and then ensuring that my Uber Wishlist reflected me and where I wanted to take my new look.

Marina J., Yelp Review, June 13, 2014


As a personal stylist, I’m all about helping clients ensure their clothes communicate their individual personal style. But that doesn’t mean that fashion equals waste. When you are ready to embrace a new season, know that there are endless ways to give new life to your existing wardrobe while leaving a smaller footprint. Here’s how...

Recology Cleanscapes Newsletter, Embrace Fashion Zero Waste Style by Mellicia Marx, June 6, 2014


Fast forward a few weeks, and Mellicia emailed me the link to the uber wishlist she created for me. I opened it up and before I even scrolled down to the 4th or 5th item, I remember having this thought: " I am OBSESSED." She totally and completely got me. I felt giddy looking at my list. :-) And what I thought was especially cool is that she gave very detailed advice on what other items to pair it with on my list, as well ideas for pairing it with items already in my closet.

Tarah P., Yelp Review, May 29, 2014


It's like What Not to Wear, but she's really, really kind. I witnessed a friend's wardrobe edit session and was so impressed. So if you're ever fantasized about being on that show but dread the wrath of Stacy and Clinton, give Mellicia a call. She'll make you feel great about you, your taste, and your sense of fashion.

R.P.S., Yelp Review, May 24, 2014


I do, however, work hard to help clients understand what is current and in the words of the Citizen, “wearing vintage clothes doesn’t mean you need to be in a time warp.” Pairing current with vintage is the way to go.

The Citizen Rosebud, Secondhand First: Mellicia Marx, Poplin, March 14, 2014


As a mother of a two-year-old, I feel like my body has had some ups and downs lately, both style-wise and weight-wise. I needed help pulling myself together to begin a new career, and Mellicia did just that, and then some. I opted for the shopping + outfits package, and already feel my confidence and esteem have been boosted.

Kim M., Yelp Review, February 21, 2014


“Women expect a lot more from men than they used to. They need to be more put together. When you see the woman all put together and the man in sweats, well, you want to cry.”

Seattle Times Nicole Brodeur, From Peacocks to Seahawks, the Sartorial Spectrum in Seattle, January 13, 2014


Even though we weeded out many items, I feel like I have MORE options now even though I didn't add anything new.

Brittany F., Yelp Review, December 13, 2013


Mellicia is a style genius.

L.H., Yelp Review, December 7, 2013


Before Mellicia, I would see photos of myself and ask "Who's that?" and not in a good way. I didn't know it, but I was dressing myself all wrong. Mellicia showed me HOW to wear clothes not just what to wear.

Susan T., Yelp Review, November 26, 2013


I feel more confident at work, out with friends, and even going to the grocery because of Mellicia's guidance and great advice.

Erika M., Yelp Review, November 23, 2013


I met this awesome stylist, Mellicia Marx, who is doing some amazing things. I admit, I don’t consider myself the stylist “type,” but I love how Mellicia isn’t just about the clothes—she has an online access for each client, where they can keep lists, refer back to pictures of outfits and stay on top of when it’s time to buy something new. SO ORGANIZED! I feel like I am UNDER-describing this, because when I listen to her talk about it, what struck me was “Finally, a way to stay on top of my closet and what I need to buy when I need to buy it…genius!” You can find Mellicia at Poplin online.

Creative Money: Financial Coaching You Can Bank On, Pretty Is as Pretty Does, November 3, 2013


The founder and owner of Poplin, Mellicia Marx, is the fairy godmother to make all of your wedding styling dreams come true. She is the woman that can help you, not only by researching your design style, but she will design a particular look for you and your groom.

Elegant Affairs, Vendor Spotlight: Poplin, October 14, 2013