Taking it to the Next Level: Style Perfection

As a personal stylist for women, my goal is to ensure that each of my clients has a clear understanding of her personal style. She knows what flatters her frame, works for her pocketbook and feels true to her authentic self. Of course, personal style is a journey. Our bodies change, our lifestyles shift and we become interested in expressing ourselves differently. Welcome to the journey of personal style.

If you'd like some help on that endeavor, just reach out. If you are already going full force, it's time that I share my essential tools to upping your style game to yet another level. 

Essential Tools for the Fashionista

1. A Steamer

It may sound like overkill, but trust me, the right steamer will change your life. This one is large, so you should plan to keep it out for easiest use. We keep ours in the study and use it every morning. Our iron hasn’t had any action in years. I recommend this Rowenta model frequently to clients and am always pleased to hear them gush about how much their partners suddenly love steaming. 

2. A fabric shaver

For wear and tear on sweaters, a fabric shaver can increase the life of your pieces and is a pretty gratifying task once you dive in. My friend, Annie Traurig is an effective home organizer and recommends this Gleener shaver above all others. It comes with a lint brush and three different edges to target a different kind of pill. You can even use it on cushions and upholstry! My clients love it. 

3. A tailor

Most folks feel like tailoring is an indulgence. Not true. A great tailor will transform how you look and how you feel. Wherever you go, remember that tailoring is not just for high end garments. Consider tailoring less expensive pieces, too. The results are dramatic. 

Finding just the right pieces for youth experiencing homelessness in the Seattle area. 

4. A new home for your old pieces


 My clients and blog readers are familiar with my commitment to YouthCare. If not YouthCare, find another organization that means something to you. Why? This will encourage you to clean out your closet regularly. When you are excited to give pieces to someone else, you are less likely to hold onto items that shouldn’t be in the mix anymore. If you are interested in obtaining some new pieces without spending more cash, try hosting a clothing swap or selling items to a consignment store. There are tons of options out there.

5. High quality skincare

Now that your clothes are communicating your personal style, it’s vital that your skin complete the look. It’s not about the money you spend on skincare, as much as finding the right products for you. When you make an appointment with an aesthetician, ask if you can bring your products in and have a them determine what ingredients work and don’t work for you skin. I like Eat Pretty to get an understanding of the effects your diet may be having on your appearance. Have your makeup professionally done or consider a makeup lesson. Prefer free? YouTube videos are helpful.

6. The perfect spot for your "not right now" pieces

Your closet should feel like a boutique curated just for you. Therefore, if something doesn’t fit you right now, it should not be in your closet. That doesn’t mean you need to give it away. Instead, store it in another location in your house. If a few pieces need to be stored, try a closet in another room. If there are more, I like these storage containers from Ikea. Everything can be hung and is accessible, without being in your closet. I keep mine in the garage. 

Let me know how it goes! Need a little extra help? That's what I'm here for. And, hey, congratulations on taking your style to the next level. I knew you could do it.