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Relaxed, Earthy, Stylish

 Photography by  Justin Marx

Photography by Justin Marx

Tami is an artist who works from home with a four year old son. A skilled vintage shopper, she felt she need to up her game when it was time to present to a prestigious group at an international conference. She needed several pieces to mix and match for the trip, but because she doesn't work in an office, didn't want to buy more than she needed. Plus, she wanted to be professional and appropriate, but not boring and conservative.

Approach: Find pieces that would make Tami feel confident and give her flexibility depending on how conservative the dress code actually was the day of. Ensure that she felt comfortable with her back to the room and in shoes that were both comfortable and professional. Equally important, keep pieces in her price range, functional for her lifestyle and flattering for her triangle body shape. 

From the client: 

Mellicia was sensitive to the short notice and curated a selection of clothes that really fit both who I am and what I want to project. Mellicia really listened. She clearly loves this work and is so good at it. She's kind and has a sense of humor. She made me feel good about myself, my figure, and the entire process.

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Accomplished, Modern, Refined

 Photography by  Selena Kearney

Photography by Selena Kearney

Erika is an urban professional with a very busy life. Because of her active hobbies, she's perfected her yoga and biking wardrobe. However, years of climbing the ladder in a conservative workplace caused her to downplay her personal style. Ultimately, she was struggling with finding pieces that were flattering for her body, communicated her personal style and were appropriate for the workplace. As someone who didn't have much time or interest in shopping, but does have a public facing job, she needed clear direction on looking and feeling great at the office. 

Approach: Create a clear framework that Erika can refer to while building her new wardrobe. Illustrate what works and doesn't work for her and help her feel empowered to integrate her edgy preferences into her professional wardrobe. 

From the client: 

My favorite part of this entire process was the initial framework you developed for me. I started to feel a lot more comfortable buying on my own after working with Mellicia. 

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Happy, Confident, Bold, Effortless

 Photography by  Selena Kearney

Photography by Selena Kearney

When I arrived at Reenie's house for the consultation, she came running out of the house to welcome me. Happy, boundless energy? I'd say so. What she didn't have was the wardrobe to reflect that.

With two small kids, she and her husband had a strict budget to adhere to. Despite that, her husband took the plunge and surprised Reenie with the complete Style Update Package to help her regain self confidence after her body changed following the birth of her kids. A personal trainer, mom and wife, Reenie wore yoga pants daily and didn't know where or how to update her style.

Approach: Give Reenie the tools she needs to understand how to dress her own body at affordable stores. Ensure that all options are functional for her lifestyle and make her feel empowered. 

From the client: 

"Because of the way I was raised, I always thought this sort of thing was materialistic. But it's not. It's about confidence. And you don't have to go to expensive stores to look and feel great."




Vibrant, Classic, Put-Together

 Photography by  Justin Marx. 

Photography by Justin Marx. 

Ritzy knows her body and what is flattering for her figure. She's a style enthusiast and a very skilled shopper. Why did she reach out? With so many choices in her closet, she found herself wearing the same items over and over again. She needed new outfits without buying new clothes.

Approach: Take advantage of Ritzy's pieces by creating outfits that pair items in new and different ways. 

From the client: 

"I love my clothes and have been having a ball layering them in new and creative ways. Thank you!"




Rock & Roll, Classic, Sophisticated, Effortless

 Photography by  Justin Marx. 

Photography by Justin Marx. 

Connie's daughter, Tarah, purchased a style package for her after Connie lost over 80 pounds. Tarah is a Poplin client and she wanted to help her mom find clothes that made her look and feel great after her weight loss. Up until this point, Connie never felt empowered to find clothes that she loved because she was limited to the options available for her size. 

Approach: Teach Connie what would flatter her new figure. Then, give her the opportunity to express herself through her clothing and empower her to shop for fun and not just for function.

Having a slimmer body with new, smaller clothes to wear was pretty exciting for me--but I was having trouble making it all work. She sent my Uber Wishlist and I shopped until 2 am. After a while, she came over for Outfit Creation. AMAZING.  She created so many outfits for me - using my new purchases and items I had already.  I have absolutely no stress thinking about "what to wear" in the morning... or for a's all put together for me in a series of pictures with coordinating shoes/purse/jewelry! Friends and family have noticed and approve! Hubby loves my new look. I'm hooked - feel like I have a whole new life and it feels wonderful. 

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